Jasmine Standring

Performance Coach

Empowering other humans and helping them transition into a holistic lifestyle.

Jasmine Standring - Performance Coach
  • Qualifications

    ·       Certificate III & IV in Fitness, Health and Physical Education

    ·         Sports Accredited Nutritionist

    ·         Functional Training Level 1 Strength Training

    ·         Training for Power

    ·         Performance Nutrition Level 1 & Level 2

    ·         Performance PT Coach Level 1 & Level 2

    ·        Applied Women’s Physiology & Training

    ·        The Art of ‘Gen Pop’ Transformations

    ·        Science of Nutrition Layne Norton

    ·        Training the Physique Athlete Layne Norton

    ·         Private mentorship and Coaching with Mark Carroll including –  program design, bodybuilding training, training methods and nutrition.

    ·         Currently – Private mentorship with Coach Corey Baldock including- Metabolic Recomposition, bodybuilding coaching, program design, training methods – commenced last 6 months

    ·         Currently – Private mentorship with Coach Jake Doleschal including – Interpreting blood work results, advanced supplement protocols, Gut health, foundations of exercise selection and program design, foundations of nutritional programming – commenced last 18 months

  • Experience

    My entire life has revolved around health and Fitness. In my younger adult years I excelled in multiple sports but primarily Track & field, where I competed as a National Heptathlete and 400m Hurdler.

    I joined the Australian Army at 17 years of age and served for 7 years. I further developed my athletic abilities and learned to adapt, perform and excel in extremely demanding environments. Subsequently, developing an enormous amount of resilience.

    I have a strong passion for motivating, empowering and educating people on all things health, fitness and wellbeing. Due to my background I have extensive knowledge on rehabilitation and gut health issues. I have personally dealt with Endometriosis – so I focus deeply on the cause of Gut Health, hormones, and immune issues. By focusing on blood interpretation, supplement protocols, and optimal foods/lifestyle choices to help you be healthy from the inside out.

  • Coaching Philosophy

    I largely focus on 3 main pillars, Mental Health, Nutrition, Fitness, and in that order. Bettering yourself is a huge mental game and as such, my aim is to help clients be happy from the inside out. I endeavour to grow clients into strong confident individuals, help them find their fire and show them their ultimate potential. I am not here to coach with one aspect of your life, but all.

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