Brad Munro

Performance Coach

I love working with clients in an individual and tailored way to ensure that exercise meets their needs in both a physical and mental capacity. As the Performance Coach Manager, I assist with the team’s professional and personal growth, and my goal is to make sure they continue to love what they do.

Brad Munro - Performance Coach
  • Qualifications

    Certificate III & IV in Fitness & Personal Trainer
    Australian Strength & Conditioning Level 1
    Army Unit Physical Trainer
    BioSignature Level 1

  • Experience

    I was always involved in team sports as a kid, but truly developed an appreciation and passion for health and fitness when I joined the Army. As well as actively serving in East Timor, Bosnia and Afghanistan, it was during my time in the Army that I commenced study toward formal qualifications in the health and fitness industry. 

    I became a Performance Coach and was seeking more than just a job and I am continually learning to achieve the best practice. My clients will tell you that I have a special knack for relating to them and a way of getting inside their head and knowing what makes them tick. Armed with this skill I have helped clients achieve their health and fitness goals across a wide variety of situations whether it be to help them be job-ready, lose weight, gain lean muscle, increase fitness or rehabilitate. 

    Throughout my career, I have worked with soldiers, high court judges, students, professionals, tradesmen, CEOs, and pregnant clients.

  • Philosophy

    I believe in contributing to a future where it’s the social norm that people have a healthy lifestyle and care about their bodies, as they’re acutely aware that it’s the only one they have.

    I have always had a passion for health and fitness and from my experience of leading troops through challenging conditions, I know what hard work is. But I have also learnt that the key is to do things smarter and love to share that with my clients. Both my life and fitness industry experience, have put me in great stead as a Performance Coach. I want to teach you how to train, eat well and improve your lifestyle.

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