Boxing Workshop

Unleash your boxing potential at our workshop on Saturday, February 24th, from 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM.

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, our session offers:

  • Fundamental Skills: Learn punching techniques, footwork, and defensive maneuvers.
  • Coordination & Reaction Time: Sharpen your reflexes and coordination.
  • Speed and Power: Develop techniques to enhance your punching speed and power.
  • Core Strength and Stability: Strengthen your core for balance and power.

Our workshop suits all levels. Our experienced coaches provide personalized guidance, ensuring you gain confidence and skills for your boxing journey.

Join us on February 24th and take your boxing skills to new heights!

Open for Function Well members only.

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Pilates Foundations

Are you new to Pilates? Start your practice in our Pilates Foundations workshop on Friday, 22nd March from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM.

This introductory workshop is great for those new to pilates or members that want to understand the fundamentals a little better.

We’ll run through how to safely operate the reformer, give you an introduction to the Pilates principles, pilates breathing and the core – TA activation & neutral spine.

Practice the foundational exercises, footwork, bridging, hands in straps and feet in straps and how to modify or add challenge.

This workshop is free for any new or existing Pilates members. If you are thinking of adding Pilates to your existing membership this is a perfect place for you to start.

Book via the Function Well app.

CrossFit Open 2024

Join us in kicking off the CrossFit Open 2024 starting on the 1st of March.

This year we will provide two options for taking part in the Open, Friday nights and Saturday mornings!

Across the six sessions, we will have many different extras to make the Open as enjoyable as possible.

•DJ Sparrow! – @dj.sparrow
•Free massage with coach @kodee_david
•Free Hydration Sachets from
•Free mobility session with our very own @danajane
•Photography during 24.1 for your insta content

Even if you’re not registered for the Open, come on down and take part in a great workout, hangout with your CrossFit friends and add to the exciting event atmosphere!