If you’re looking for something different and challenging that will give you rock hard abs and ridiculous strength? Then Function Well CrossFit Gymnastics classes could be just what you need.

Why Do Gymnastic cLASSES and training?

Within every great CrossFitter is a solid base of gymnastic strength and movement. Training using gymnastic movements develops a functional strength that is highly transferable to everyday activities and sports performance.

Benefits Of Gymnastics

Gymnastics has an emphasis on strength in bodyweight movements and promoting strict movement’s before momentum is applied. By building a strong base of support, you get better results and reduce the possibility of injury. Gymnastics training has a strong focus on balance, bodyweight strength, flexibility and coordination.

Our Gymnastics Coaches

Gymnastics has a strong focus on learning skill because the technique is more important, for gymnastics performance than overall strength. It is so important to have expert coaching when it comes to gymnastics, classes run Tuesday evenings, book in and try a class out now.

If you're looking for something challenging that will give you rock hard abs and ridiculous strength, give gymnastics a go!

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