Pilates Classes

We are proud to offer one of the best Pilates programs in Brisbane for our members —including world-class instructors. If you’re looking to get toned, improve balance strength, mobility and reap all the benefits pilates offer, be sure to check out one of our popular reformer, mat and virtual Pilates classes.

Benefits Of Reformer Pilates

Whether you’re a professional athlete, office worker or new to working out, our reformer pilates classes will help strengthen and tone your whole body, while also increasing flexibility, balance and mental focus.

High Intensity, Low Impact

Build Strength + Tone Muscles

Better Core Strength + Posture

Pilates Classes

Choose from reformer, reformer jumpboard, reformer stretch, reformer burn, hot mat Pilates or Pilates on Demand.

Reformer Pilates

Increase strength, stability, body awareness and range of movement using state of the art equipment. All levels are catered for through expert guidance.

Reformer Jumpboard

Jumpboard class is a faster paced and higher intensity reformer class. It will assist in burning calories while challenging coordination, muscle endurance and core stability.

Stretch Reformer Pilates

A gentle class that embraces the Yin of our Yin and Yang philosophy here at Function Well. Deep stretching releases tension in your muscles, increases flexibility + more

Reformer Burn

Reformer Burn fuses dynamic Pilates and high-intensity intervals on specialized equipment. Amplify strength, flexibility, and endurance with guided, adaptable sessions.

Hot Mat Pilates

A full-body toning workout that combines traditional mat pilates with movement that will tone, strengthen and invigorate your body!

Our Pilates Instructors

All of our classes are led by Brisbane’s best Reformer Pilates instructors and thanks to the semi-private format, our instructors can tailor the class relative to your goals, injuries and experience. They’ll ensure you get the most out of your 45 minutes class.

Pilates on demand


The Function Well Reformer Pilates studio offers 2 x virtual kiosks, to ensure you can take a pilates class whenever suits you. From a core finisher to a full body workout the on-demand kiosks are available to all pilates students on level 2.

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Pilates Teaching Team

Our pilates instructors are all of extremely high calibre, with all of them so dedicated about sharing their passion with their pilates students with their own personal styles.

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