What is RunFIT ?

A 50-minute class that offers a full-body experience, helping you run faster, push harder, and lift more through diverse workouts incorporating high-intensity interval training and functional strength movements.

The Workout.

TRAIN Power. Speed. Stamina.

Your RunFIT experience will focus on three essential components to enhance your athletic performance.


RunFIT Stamina is programmed to build muscle and aerobic endurance. Get ready for longer cardio efforts, high reps and more time under tension.


RunFIT Speed sessions are where we bring the intensity. Expect plenty of intervals and opportunities to test your max speed, complimented by full body, movements on bench.


RunFIT Power sessions are designed to enhance your performance, and build lean muscle mass. You will experience heavy sleds, big inclines and explosive efforts, giving you a full body workout.

The Experience.

You decide where to start – Treadmill or Bench?

All our RunFIT sessions are programmed to be 50% cardio and 50% strength training.

Get Ready to Grind.

What your week will look like with RunFIT.

*For the best results, we recommend aiming for one style of RunFIT session each week.

Run Faster. Lift More. Push Harder. Get ready to redefine your limits.

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