Jack Parker

Performance Coach

I work best with those that have decided it’s time to be empowered through their health and fitness journey and learn more about their nutrition, how to recover from an injury and the steps to become more resilient physically and mentally.

Jack Parker - Performance Coach
  • Qualifications

    3-year degree in sports and exercise coaching (Brunel university, UK)
    Certified MNU Nutritionist (evidence based practitioner)
    Level 3 certified personal trainer (UK)
    Level 4 trainer lower back management (UK)
    Level 3 sports massage (UK)
    Level 5 sports and remedial massage (UK)
    Level 5 advance clinical weight loss practitioner (UK)
    Level 5 advanced sports and exercise nutritional advisor (UK)
    Poliquin™ Biosignature practitioner level 1
    Level 1 Weightlifting coaching (UK)
    Russian kettlebell training

  • Experience

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with many different people during my 10yrs+ of being a Performance Coach. I have worked in the fitness industry since graduating from university in 2009. Throughout my career I worked with a broad range of clients, acquiring multiple skills from remedial massage, strength and conditioning to nutrition.

    This has led me to my specialisation in reducing the risks of injury through mobility and strength. Understanding the interplay between strength and mobility is huge! These qualities are inseparable and they affect each other at all times, improving or impairing performance for each movement. Getting stronger doesn’t just mean stacking plates and hitting more reps, correct movement patterns are just as important for body performance.

  • Philosophy

    My attitude towards training is very simple. To achieve success there must be a goal and plan of action established; otherwise, it is nothing short of a wish or a dream. Together we would look at the bigger picture and implement smaller, manageable goals whilst keeping you accountable on your journey. Remember “you didn’t get to where you currently are overnight and you won’t change where you want to be instantly… small steps and consistency are key; becoming stronger, healthier, and getting fitter is a marathon, not a sprint.”

    So how might my coaching philosophy help you? If like many people you have suffered over the years from unnecessary physical pain or you struggle with your body’s level of mobility… it doesn’t have to be that way.

    You may have noticed the following, restricted movements in your day to day life, unwanted aches and pains, reduced flexibility (perhaps you can’t touch your toes) and increased stiffness or you’ve become more Injury prone. If any of these resonate with you, we can work together to restore your body to move pain-free, improving your quality of life and increasing your strength so that you don’t return to old habits and the above symptoms.

    Alongside teaching clients how to move more effectively, I work with those who wish to take their weight training to the next level. Lifting weights has become a popular movement for both genders and it’s important to understand how to correct programming can improve movement patterns and improve your physique and strength whilst staying injury-free.

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