Lewis Collocott

Performance Coach & Group Fitness Director

I began my own training journey 12 years ago while I was playing semi professional football, this has more recently transferred into training as a competitive CrossFit athlete and taking on the role of Group fitness Director – where I continually strive to offer a world class group fitness experience to all members.

Since becoming a Dad, my approach to my own training has become very simple – be as effective as possible with the time that I have available and above all else, enjoy the process. While my life focus has changed a little, I still hold myself to a high standard of performance and physical ability and I know from first hand experience when you have the right programming you can still enjoy a busy life while being fit, healthy and strong.

Lewis Collocott - Performance Coach & Group Fitness Director
  • Qualifications

    • Cert 4 In Fitness
    • Level 1 Strength and Conditioning
  • Experience

    I’ve been in the fitness industry for 8 years now as both a Personal Trainer and Group Training Coach. I thrive off helping and guiding clients and all Function Well members become the best versions of themselves through movement, whether that be in 1:1 performance coaching session, small group training or bigger group classes. As Group Fitness Director I oversee all programming for the high intensity HIIT and Metcon classes at Function Well always striving for these classes to be the best part of our members’ day not only socially and emotionally but also always receiving science based programming delivered by our highly trained coaching team.

  • Philosophy

    “The magic happens just outside your comfort zone”

    While training / exercise should be an enjoyable, lifelong endeavour, the pursuit for progress requires the body to push past limits that are often set by the mind. A strong base is the foundation of my coaching philosophy. Without developing a base of foundational movement and strength, we cannot expect the body to undertake more complex movements and training styles. I take great pride in seeing clients of all abilities, far exceed their own expectations, simply through consistency and a willingness to learn.

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