Hannah Hodson

Performance Coach

I have a passion for problem solving. Identifying an issue and formulating a plan for the desired outcome really gets me excited. I’ve pursued a career in this space for the feeling I get when a client or member is thriving for taking my advice. There’s nothing like it.

Hannah Hodson - Performance Coach
  • Qualifications

    Certificate III in Fitness
    Certificate IV in Fitness
    Crossfit Level 1
    SDA Nutrition for exercise and sport

  • Experience

    I have 11 years experience in the fitness industry with responsibilities ranging from private coaching clients, semi private coaching and large groups to staff and club management. In recent times I’ve taken on the more private role of becoming a mother of two beautiful daughters and have had the privilege of staying home to care for them in the early years of their lives. In terms of personal development, this period has provided me with more life experience than I could ever have learnt otherwise. I’m excited to be back on the Function Well coaching team with a new found drive to assist the wonderful community here knowing many of our valued members are busy parents just like myself.

  • Coaching Philosophy

    Anyone can be motivated enough to follow an 8 week program and get strong, fit or lean. True grit and strength of character is built within the ones who show up day in and day out despite life’s other demands. The not so fun times. The exhausted mum who has been up all night with the baby but can still find 60 minutes to get to a yoga class for her mental health or the stressed business owner getting in at 5am for his knee rehab because that’s the only time he can spare that week. This is where real, long lasting results are made. In the seemingly small sacrifices most people aren’t prepared to make long term. Taking care of your health and wellness is simple. This doesn’t mean it’s easy. If time is your limiting factor but you still have the drive to improve, I’m here to assist in getting you maximum reward no matter how busy your schedule may be.

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