Social Wellness

Disconnect to reconnect in our purpose built social wellness spaces.

Being social and having friendships plays a huge role in our overall happiness and we have challenged the narrative and repositioned how and where to be social. 

We do not take it lightly, the role we organically play in bringing people together, and the spaces we have created for connection, health, happiness and socialising is intentional – as health is so much more than a look. Health is a feeling. A feeling everyone is entitled to have.

Our social wellness spaces, scattered throughout the flagship hub have been created to cultivate your holistic health for longevity and happiness so you can thrive, no matter what stage of life you are at.

These unique spaces are a place to sit, ponder and connect in a safe and supportive, judgement free space with friends.

Benefits of Social Wellness

Social interaction and connectedness, and having a sense of belonging and acceptance within a community.

Reducing stress and anxiety

Improving self-esteem and self-confidence

Enhancing feelings of happiness and fulfilment

The Flagship hub has many spaces for connection, including the social wellness lounge in the Restoration Zone.

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