Three Day Strong and Lean Program

| Movement

If you’ve been struggling with fat loss, it may be strength training you need.

The below program is for an intermediate to experienced lifter with a focus on the four main lifts; bench, pull-up, squat and deadlift.

The program’s intensity is based around your 5rep max of each of the above lifts. If you would like to test these you should contact a performance coach to guide you through the process. Alternatively, you can use a 1-10 rating of intensity called your Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) which you will see listed also.

I recommend doing each strength day with at least a day in between (e.g Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday). On the alternate days, I recommend participating in a HIIT or Metabolic conditioning class which would really compliment this program.

  • Recovery Protocol

    Ultimately, it is important to ensure you are giving yourself at least 7 hours of sleep per night and eating nutritious whole foods with an emphasis on protein with each meal. These factors are above all going to aid in your recovery the most. Provided you have this under control, other recovery methods will further enhance your quality of sleep and general health and wellness. The below list would be beneficial to incorporate if you have an opportunity to allocate two longer recovery sessions twice a week.

    • Hot cold therapy (30-60 mins needed)
    • Hyperice roller, gun or balls (5-20 mins)
    • Massage chair (15 mins)
    • Yoga session (60 mins
    • Cold therapy (3-10 mins)
    • Hot therapy (Sauna, steam or Infrared sauna) (10-30mins)
  • Intensity Main lifts (A1)

    Week 1 5×4 85% or RPE 8
    Week 2 5×5 85% or RPE 8
    Week 3 5×6 85% or RPE 8
    Week 4 5×4 75% or RPE 7
    Week 5 5×5 85% or RPE 8
    Week 6 5×6 90% or RPE 9

  • Intensity Accessory lifts (B, C)

    Week 1 5×4 RPE 8
    Week 2 6×4 RPE 8
    Week 3 7×4 RPE 8
    Week 4 5×4 RPE 7
    Week 5 6×4 RPE 8
    Week 6 7×5 RPE 9

  • Day 1

    A1 Deadlifts

    B1 Glute drive/Bridge
    B2 Single arm LPD

    C1 Nordics or Hamstring curl
    C2 Zottman Curl

  • Day 2

    A1 Barbell Squat

    B1 Decline DB Bench Press
    B2 Goblet Lunge

    C1 DB Shoulder Press
    C2 Smith machine Calf raise

  • Day 3

    A1 Bench press

    B1 Leg extension
    B2 Hamstring curl

    C1 Single arm cable row
    C2 Cable chest fly

  • This Program has been created by:

    Performance Coach Zach Bacigalupo. 

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