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Here at Function Well our methodology behind our EST and MetCon programming is based on science and experience to ensure each member is getting closer to the RESULTS they are working hard and striving for.

Our scientific approach to programming is directed towards our members being able to train effectively most days of the week while avoiding overuse injuries, nervous system burnout – allowing ample recovery and regeneration time for muscles.

Without ample recovery time, the body does not have the chance to adapt to the training stimulus, therefore decreasing the likelihood of clear improvements in performance.

This is why we alternate between EST and Metcon days in our Group Training Program.

EST sessions are heavily directed at low impact, energy system development and burn a huge amount of calories and dramatically increases your fitness. Often thought of as “cardio”, this training method allows our members will all levels of fitness to purely focus on work capacity, with very little “skill” involved. Because we are not loading the nervous system with external loads, the session can be purely focussed on certain energy systems that must be developed in order to allow the body to perform “work” in all forms, from short explosive efforts, to sustained aerobic workouts. Without a solid cardiovascular base, the ability to perform in other high intensity training situations is greatly hindered. This includes strength training and MetCon workouts as well as daily tasks such as going for a long walk or playing with your kids.

Metabolic Conditioning (MetCon) : Via varied functional movements with external load and varying intensities.

MetCon taps into each of the energy systems, forcing the body to work aerobically and anaerobically throughout each workout.. The combination of weighted, body weight and monostructural movements creates a metabolic demand like no other, aiding in lean muscle tissue growth and maintenance, functional strength, and increased capacity for fat burning by the body when at rest. Due to the increased intensity, metabolic demands and stress on the nervous system that MetCon training delivers, these workouts can and often should be shorter in length. Over training MetCon style workouts either too often or too long in length can lead to the body reaching a point of diminishing returns.

EST and Metcon are alternated in order to provide the buffer that prevents the overtraining stimulus. By deloading the body on EST training days we are aiding in the recovery process to allow increased performance in MetCon workouts. Training should improve our quality of life, allowing us to genuinely function well.

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Measure What Matters – effort over ability

To get the most out of our science based programming and group classes we encourage you to use a heart rate monitor. You’ll receive key data including calories burnt, the intensity at which you’re training and how many MOVEs you have gained in real time as well as updating your daily and weekly movement in the Function Well app.

Wearable devices are not just for the elite, they are for all members who are wanting to get the very most out of every session and their Function Well membership. With our unique Teambeats system by global fitness and innovation brand Technogym we have levelled the playing field, and everyone’s invited to play – we’re not measuring speed, cadence, or weight lifted. We’re measuring the effort put in by your heart. This means beginners can take on the more experienced and come out on top! 

The Function Well here rate monitors sold in hub are not the only wearable device that connects to Teambeats in class and MOVEs on the Function Well app. The following devices are compatible with our system:

Function Well Heart Rate Monitors






Any device that has ANT+ AND bluetooth will sync to the Teambeats system in Function Well high intensity classes. 

PLan. Log. analyse . Improve with Beyond the Whiteboard

Fitness is a journey. With btwb, you can plan, log and analyse your results all in one place. Keep track of PRs, workout history, check the weeks programming, track your macros, earn badges and more!

Provides feedback you are improving with instant analysis that monitors progression

Tracks volume of reps, load and distance for every movement performed

View your past training days to check consistency and PR days

Prepares you for your week of training with programming uploaded in advance

See results and engage with other members’ scores 

Browse through workouts that users around the world are logging

Beyond the Whiteboard is free for all of our valued members. Please ask a member of our team for the log in credentials to access the Function Well account.
Download for Apple
Download for Android

Have you got any questions about our science based group fitness programming, wearable devices or the technology we implement at Function Well so you can get the results you are striving for? Ask any of our friendly team of expert coaches for further explanation.


Written by Coach Lew – Group Fitness Director


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