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This program is designed with 2 different people in mind;
1. If you’re someone that has been hitting the weights hard and heavy and hit a point of plateau where you’re not getting stronger.
2. If you’ve had a break from the strength training for a while and want to make sure you’re not diving in head first and injuring yourself.
If you fit into either category definitely give this one a go for at least the next 4-6weeks.

The program is split up into 3 structural strength and 3 Interval based cardio sessions with 1 day of recovery. It is also recommended to do 1 YIN based session a day, this could be 10-30mins of stretching or mobility, yoga, pilates or anything based in the Restoration Zone.

Structural strength is essentially building strength from the inside out. A large amount of the exercises will be unilateral meaning a lot of stability is needed.
The interval based programs are split into 3 sessions targeting 3 different energy groups. 1, VO2max 2, ATP/PC 3, Anaerobic/lactate. These sessions will increase as you progress through each week. Alternatively jump into a class, either HIIT or boxing would be most beneficial with this program.

Structural strength breakdown and targets

For the majority of your program you will be working at a 8-9/10 RPE (rate of perceived exertion). Each week for exercises A1,2 and B1,2 your reps will increase and hopefully your weights will stay the same. If you need to go down a little that’s fine, just as long as you are hitting the same number of reps prescribed.

week 1 – 8 reps 4 sets
Week 2 – 10 reps 4 sets
Week 3 – 12 reps 4 sets
Week 4 – 8 reps 3 sets

Rest 60-90s between each set

For Exercise “C1 and C2” You will perform 2 sets of as many reps as possible (AMRAP) for the prescribed weight based off your body weight percentage – if this feels like too much choose a weight where you feel you will get approximately 15 reps for 2 sets with 2-3mins rest.

If you wish to repeat this for another month to get the best results, start back at week 1 and hopefully your weight has increased. 

  • Warm Up

    This will be the same for each workout to ensure your mobility improves or at least maintains throughout the program. 

    Cardio 2-3 mins, build up to 85% intensity

    Spiderman Lunge: 10 reps each side x 1 set
    Inch Worms: 6 reps x1 set
    Adductor Stretch: 10 reps each side x 1 set
    Windmills (t-spine): 10 reps each side x 1 set
    Banded Dead bug: 10 reps each side x 1 set
    Side Plank: 20-30secs each side x1
    Single Leg Glute Bridge: 10 reps each side x 1 set
    Band Pull Aparts: 10 reps each side x 1 set

  • Day 1

    A1: Torsonator Press: RPE 8
    A2: Heel Elevated Squat: RPE 8
    Rest 60-90 secs

    B1: Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press: RPE 8
    B2: Bulgarian Split Squat: RPE 8
    Rest 60-90 secs

    C1: Sled Pull: AM(metres)AP
    C2: Reverse Calf Raise (BW): AMRAP
    Rest 2-3 mins


  • Day 2

    Echo bike

    2 mins on / 2 mins off
    Record your calories on each interval
    85-95% intensity

    Week 1:  6 rounds
    Week 2:  8 round
    Week 3:  10 rounds
    Week 4:  10 rounds

  • Day 3

    A1: Close grip lat pulldown: RPE 8
    A2: Single leg glute drive machine: RPE 8
    Rest 60-90 secs

    B1: Single arm cable row: RPE 8
    B2: Exercise ball hamstring curl: RPE: 8
    Rest 60-90 secs

    C1: Seated Cable Row (70% bodyweight): AMRAP
    C2: Push ups (BW): AMRAP
    Rest 2-3 mins

  • Day 4

    Skill Mill or Ski Erg

    1 min on  / 1 min off
    Record your metres for each interval
    85-95% intensity

    Week 1:  6 rounds
    Week 2:  8 round
    Week 3:  10 rounds
    Week 4:  10 rounds

  • Day 5

    A1: Barbell SL RDL: RPE 8
    A2: DB Bench Press: RPE 8
    Rest 60-90 secs

    B1: Cable Face Pulls: RPE 8
    B2: Hollow Body Hold: RPE 8
    Rest 60-90 secs

    C1: Sorensen Hold: AM(mins)RAP – cap at 2 mins
    C2: Sorensen Banded Row: AMRAP
    Rest 2 mins

  • Day 6

    Bike or Row Erg

    1 min on / 45 seconds off
    Record metres for each interval – your worst score is your score for the workout
    85-95% intensity

    Week 1:  6 rounds
    Week 2:  8 round
    Week 3:  10 rounds
    Week 4:  10 rounds

  • Day 7

    Active Rest and Recovery

    Option 1:
    45-60 min walk outdoors

    Option 2:
    Contrast Therapy
    Sauna 10-15 mins
    Ice bath 3-5 mins
    Repeat 2-3 times


    Performance coach Zach Bacigalupo

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