JD’s Jacked January

| Movement

This program is 12 weeks worth but can be performed in a shorter time frame if necessary. This program is recommended for intermediate to advanced athletes/members. It is a 5 day hypertrophy program with 4 week undulating volume periodisation to maximise results. Better yet, any member that wishes to follow this program can opt in to a FREE Whatsapp accountability group which will host valuable information for those participating in the program.

This program follows monthly undulating periodisation which put simply means the volume will change each month between high & low volume for the main lifts of each workout. This style of programming will allow you to hit new PBs and provide variety to keep things interesting. Weeks 1-4 utilise rep ranges 8-12 mostly @70% 1RM. Weeks 5-8 utilise rep ranges 6-8 @85% 1RM (time to go heavy). Finally weeks 9-12 utilise rep ranges 8-10 @85% 1RM so the goal is to maintain the weights used in the previous month but for more reps. Feel free to adjust volume and intensity throughout in accordance to how your body is feeling. DOMS should only last 24-48hrs and if they are lasting longer then a decrease in intensity is needed OR this is also an indicator that you need to increase your sleep & protein (& possibly total calories).

As this program is rather complex, Jesse has set up an accountability group and an in depth google doc sheet found here. Within the Google Doc sheet you can book in for a free consult or purchase a coaching session via links on the PROGRAM NOTES page.

This strength program has been written by performance coach Jesse O’Sullivan

  • Day 1

    A) Banded pull aparts 2×15

    B1) Bench Press 1×2-5 (RPE9)
    C1) Bench Press Back Off sets 3×8-12, 70%1RM

    D1) Chest supported Row 3×8
    D2) Incline Chest Fly 3×8-12

    E1) Tricep Overhead Rope Extension 2×10-12
    E2) Tricep straight bar pushdown 2×10-12
    E3) Bench Dips 2xAMRAP

  • Day 2

    A) Walkouts 2×5-10

    B1) Barbell Deadlift 1×2-5 (RPE 9)
    C1) Barbell Deadlift back off sets 3×8-12, 70%1RM

    D1) Barbell hip thrust 3×8-12
    D2) DB Romanian Deadlift 3×6-10

    E1) Russian twists 2x30s AMRAP
    E2) Toe touches 2x30s AMRAP
    E3) Hollow body Hold 2x30s

  • Day 3

    A) Banded shoulder external rotations 2×10-15

    B1) Incline Bench 1×2-5 (RPE9)
    C1) Incline Bench Back off 3×8-12, 70%1RM

    D1) Barbell shoulder press 3×8-12
    D2) (assisted) Chin Ups 3×8-12

    E1) DB lateral raise 2×8-12
    E2) DB Reverse Fly 2×8-12

    F1) DB Overhead extensions 3×12-15

  • Day 4

    A) BW walking lunges 2×12/12

    B1) Barbell back squat 1×2-5 (RPE9)
    C1) Barbell Back squat backoff sets 3×8-12, 70%1RM

    D1) Leg press 5×10

    E1) Leg Extension Machine (dropset) 1×12 (RPE10)

    F1) Hamstring curl machine (dropset) 1×12 (RPE10)

    G1) Elbow Plank 3x30s
    G2) Side Plank 3×20

  • Day 5

    A) TYI Raises 2×12

    B1) Barbell Bent over Row 1×2-5 (RPE9)
    C1) Barbell Bent over Row Back off sets 3×8-12, 70% 1RM)

    D1) Chin Up Eccentrics (3010) 2×6
    D2) Parallel Close Grip Pulldown (3010) 2×12
    D3) Ezy Bar Curl 2×25