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Getting the Most out of Function Well Group Training

In order to get the most out of your group training experience at Function Well, we suggest 4-6 Yang Classes per week, with a mixture of Strength and High Intensity training. For longevity and decreased risk of injury we advise that these Yang classes be complimented with 2-4 Yin sessions per week. View the timetable with our extensive range of class times here or via the FW app.

Our Yang sessions include FW Strength, E.S.T., MetCon, Boxing, CrossFit and RunFIT.

Yin sessions include Yoga, Stretchfit and Pilates classes, and the Restoration Zone.

Our training programs are broken into blocks, typically 7-9 weeks in length. These will be accompanied throughout the year by Strength and Fitness testing to enhance accountability. Following this recommended programming will allow you to see tangible results from your consistent training.

Below are the 3 of the most common performance goals that we find our members wanting to train towards, broken down in to how we advise to best go about achieving the desired results.

Committing to a full training block directed at your specific goals in the most effective way to see tangible results.


3 x Strength Sessions / Classes

1-2 High Intensity Classes

2-3 Yin Session



2 x EST / RunFit / Run Club

1-2 x Strength Session / Classes

1 x Metcon / Boxing

2-3 Yin Sessions



1-2 Strength

1-2 High Intensity

2-3 Yin Sessions


To learn more about the importance of strength training and alternating your HIT workouts we recommend starting with these blogs: here and here. You can also learn more through our Youtube channel.

For more information about tailoring your group training experience or training goals, see one of our expert coaching team!