What is Hybrid?

A results-driven program that combines the best in strength, conditioning and functional body building to help you look good, move well and feel like an athlete.

This 60 minute class brings together expert coaches, progressive group training and a supportive community environment to help build the best, strongest you.

This program goes beyond just fitness, building a foundation that prepares you for anything life demands.

The Program.


Programmed by experts using scientific principles of strength and conditioning, tailoring your training with purpose to maximise your progress and achieve lasting results.


This session combines compound movements and functional strength training with functional body building to help you get stronger and leaner.End every Hybrid - Lift+ Session with a choice of a programmed finisher! Choose between a Strength or Conditioning focus to target your specific goals.


For strength and fitness capacity. Splitting your training between strength and cardio builds a strong foundation across all 10 components of fitness. This translates to better endurance, power, agility, and more, letting you push harder and last longer in every workout.


Start your weekend off with a team-based session.In a supportive and motivating group environment, you'll work together towards a shared target. This exciting session combines strength training and metabolic conditioning for a challenging yet enjoyable workout.

Results-Based approach to Fitness.

Our well-structured, progressive program builds sustainable fitness, injury prevention, and functional strength through balanced, adaptable workouts.

Here’s a snapshot of what your week will look like.

What can you expect?

  • Evidence Led Programming

    Programmed by experts using scientific principles of strength and conditioning, tailoring your training with purpose to maximise your progress and achieve lasting results.

  • Inclusive, Supportive Team Training

    Train with a like minded, supportive community and forge lifelong friendships through fitness. Elevate your training through strategically designed sessions that use elements of teamwork.

  • Expert Coaches

    Our qualified and experienced coaches will motivate you and help you push your limits, while also providing modifications to keep your workouts safe and effective.

  • Track Your Progress

    Measure your progress through Function Well’s complimentary Training App. Track your strength and fitness progress, view workouts ahead of time and access tools such as a 1RM calculator to stay on track with your progress.

  • Work Hard. Have Fun.

    Combine our challenging but effective programming with a welcoming, judgement free zone, we promise you’ll leave every session smiling and satisfied with your progress.

Train with Purpose.

Results-based group strength & conditioning for the hybrid athlete in you.

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  • Is this CrossFit?

    While our HYBRID class incorporates elements of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) similar to CrossFit, it’s designed to be more accessible to a wider range of fitness levels. Our focus is on functional movements and proper technique, ensuring a safe and effective workout for everyone.

  • How Fit Do I Need to Be to Start Training?

    HYBRID classes are suitable for all fitness levels! Our experienced coaches will scale the workouts to your individual abilities, allowing you to progress at your own pace. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, you’ll find a challenging and rewarding experience in our HYBRID program.

  • Should I Only Do This Style of Class?

    HYBRID is a fantastic way to build well-rounded fitness, but it’s not the only option! Function Well offers a variety of classes to suit your preferences and goals. Consider combining Hybrid with other classes like Yoga or Pilates to enhance your flexibility and core strength, or explore our Active Recovery sessions for improved mobility and injury prevention. The best approach is to find a combination of classes that you enjoy and that keeps your workouts interesting and effective.

  • Will this type of training help me with fitness events such as Hyrox?

    Absolutely! The Hybrid class incorporates elements specifically beneficial for Hyrox-style events. The mix of strength training, cardio bursts, and functional movements will build the endurance, power, and agility needed to crush those obstacles and smash your Hyrox goals. While the program won’t replicate the exact format of a Hyrox event, it will provide a solid foundation and transferable skills that will translate well to your competition training.

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