Giant Set Training

| Movement

This month’s program is designed to ramp up your training with a muscle building (hypertrophy) phase which also has a fat loss and muscular endurance aspect.

Giants sets make for shorter intense sessions that will exhaust your whole body to its maximum. We will do a 3-day split routine, hitting each muscle group with three huge supersets, made up of three different exercises. Each exercise is performed one after the other with no rest in-between.

Rest 2-3 minutes after each set of exercises and repeat three times. There are minimal rest periods that must be adhered to and rest days are a must.

  • Monday: Legs and Shoulders

    3×10 NO REST BETWEEN exercises

    BB Back Squat
    Cyclist Squat
    BB or DB Romanians

    3×10 NO REST BETWEEN exercises 

    DB Press
    DB Lat Raise
    DB Rear Fly

  • Tuesday: Restoration Zone

    Today is all about restoration, and providing balance to your training by utilising Function Well’s unique Restoration Zone facilities.

    It is highly recommended that you incorporate one of the following;

    • Yoga
    • Sauna
    • Ice Bath
    • Brain Tap Meditation
    • Hyperice equipment (recovery boots, rollers, trigger balls, vibrating roller)
  • Wednesday: Back and Biceps

    3×10 NO REST BETWEEN exercises

    BB Bent Over Row (Supinated)
    Wide Lat Pull Down
    Ring Rows

    3×10 NO REST BETWEEN exercises

    Ezy Bar Reverse Bicep Curl
    DB 45 deg Seated Bicep Curl
    DB Zottman Curls

  • Thursday: Restoration Zone

    Again, today is all about restoration and enhancing your Yin & Yang restorative practices.

    It is recommended today that you try a different restorative practice to Tuesday, and begin to understand how different recovery methods aid your body respectively.

  • Friday: Chest and Triceps

    3×10 NO REST BETWEEN exercises

    BB Bench Press
    Incline/Elevated Push-Up
    Machine Chest Flys

    3×10 NO REST BETWEEN exercises

    BB Narrow Grip Press
    Rope Tricep Push Downs
    Bench Dips

  • Saturday: Function well Metabolic Conditioning Class

  • Sunday: Active Recovery

    Use today to get out into nature and enjoy the sunshine. Go for a walk, swim or stretch in the sun. Rest your body and repeat.

  • This program has been created by:

    Performance Coach Brad Munro.