Fit, Strong & Toned Full body Program

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This full body program is tailored to enhance strength, body composition, and overall fitness. It consists of four weight-focused sessions per week, comprising two full-body workouts, one upper body session, and one lower body session. Additionally, there’s one conditioning session and two days dedicated to yoga and our Restoration Zone for effective recovery.

This six-week program is structured to get you from point A to point B, with a gradual progression in weight and repetitions. It is ideally suited for individuals who already possess a reasonably solid foundation. Beginners can opt for either a two-day strength training split (upper/lower) or engage in the two full-body workouts. I hope you find it enjoyable and would greatly appreciate hearing about your progress!

This Fit, Strong & Toned Full body Program has been written by Sammi Sheehan

Example week:
Monday: Lower Body 
Tuesday: Upper Body
Wednesday: Conditioning + Restoration Zone / Yin Yoga 
Thursday: Full Body 1
Friday: Rest Day: Sammis Stretch & mobility Yoga / Resto 
Saturday: Full Body 2 
Sunday: Rest Day: Walk / Restoration Zone / Yin Yoga  

BB = Barbell
ES = Each Side
RB = Resistance Band  

  • FULL BODY 1:

    Warm Up:  

    Yogic squat + Thoracic twists x4es  

    High plank to down dog x8 

    RB Floss x10  

    A1: BB Alternating reverse lunges 3×16  

    A2: Heels Elevated goblet squat 3×12  

    B1: BB Hip Thrust – (hold 5-10seconds on last rep) 4x 10  

    C1: Standing Hip Abductor machine (on last rep 8 Pulses) 3×10  

    • Make sure you’re staying low – keep hips in line with knees – no standing up between reps  

    D1: Alternating DB Flat Bench Press 3×12  

    E1: DB Pull-over  

    F1: ½ Kneeling DB Shoulder Press  

    F2: Triceps Dips (use RB under knees if needed – or can do from bench)  

    6x 20m Sled (3x Push + 3x Pull)  

  • Full Body 2:

    Warm up:  

    Good mornings x10  

    Inchworms x 4 

    Commando Planks x 8  

    A1: Trap bar dead lift 4x 10, 10, 8, 8,  

    A2: Side Plank RB rows 3x 8es  

    B1: Hack Squat 4x 10, 10, 8, 8  

    C1: Single Leg Hamstring Curl Machine 3x 10x each leg  

    D1: Incline DB Bench Press 3×10  

    D2: Seated DB Lateral fly’s 3×10  

    E1: DB Tripod row 3x 12 

    F1: Cable straight bar lat push down 3×10  

    F2: EZ Bar Bicep curls 3×10  

    Core: Machine Hanging Leg (or knee) raises: 30secs on 30secs off  

  • Lower Body:

    Warm Up:  

    Body weight Good mornings x 10 

    Down dog heel pumps x16 

    Bent knee fall outs x8 

    A: BB Box Squat 4x 8  

    B1: BB Split Stance RDLs 3x 8es  

    B2: Low plank hip taps 30secs  

    C1: Leg Press 3×10  

    D1: Leg Extension – (light weight, fast controlled movement – last few reps should be burning!!) 3×20  

    E1: Adductor Slides 3x8es 

    E2: KB Goblet Cossack squats 3×12 

    F1: GHD hip extension 3×8 – hold 5-10secs on last rep  

    G: 20x DB Box Step-ups -> 2mins incline backwards walk on treadmill 

  • Upper Body:

    Warm Up:  

    Banded pull aparts x20 

    Worlds greatest stretch x7es  

    Banded shoulder floss  

    A1: BB Strict press 4x 8  

    B1: Pull-ups (use resistance band if needed – or jump up & lower down -eccentric) 4x 5  

    C1: BB Bent over row 3×10  

    C2: RB Palloff Press 3x12es  

    D1: Cable Face Pulls 3×12 

    D2: Cable triceps extension 3×12 

    E: Incline bench I.Y.Ts (light DBs) 3×8  

    F: DB Bicep 21s x2  

    3x 250m Ski Erg efforts 60secs rest between  

  • Conditioning

    Round 1:  

    2km Bike Erg -> 6x 20m Sled push/pull efforts  

    1.5km Bike Erg -> 4x 20m Sled Push / Pull efforts  

    1km Bike Erg -> 2x 20m Sled Push / Pull efforts  

    Round 2:  

    12x DB cleans -> 40m KB Front rack carry x3  

    Round 3:  

    2min: 14 Ski Calories -> Devils Press remainder of 2mins  

    2mins off