Beginners Weights Program

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This is a great starter full body weights program if you are new to weights training or have had some time off and want to get back into it.

The program is Hypertrophy (will build muscle) but with the rep range being on the higher side it will help muscle memory and elicit some fat burning if you keep the intensity high. Repetition builds  memory pathways for the new movement and lay foundations for more complex movements in the future.

The program is set up with Supersets (two movements that are paired), perform each superset 3 times and then move on. The short rest of 30’s will keep the intensity up.

There are two full body weights sessions and one HIIT example session.  The classes are the best place to go to get fit but if you can not attend them there is an example below.

Trigger pointing or stretching.  Starting out your muscles will let you know they have been worked! Make sure you trigger point, stretch or use the restoration zone to ensure you keep mobile as moving through full range of motion will get you the best results and ensure you do not get injured.

What weight should I choose? This is a common question, you can start low and build up, the perfect weight will be difficult for the last two reps but you can still achieve it with good form.

Ensure you move at a controlled speed each rep taking approximately 4 second, speed of the rep is called temp and broken down, you will learn about this more as you progress in your training.

If all of this is still very foreign or intimidating, invest in coaching as in a few sessions you can learn a lot and your coach will tailor your program to your body and goals.


  • Warm up

    2 mins on cardio,

    10 air squats & 5 walk outs, 30’s plank x2

    30’s rest between each superset, 3 set.


  • Day 1

    A1. Goblet squat: 12 reps, rest: 30 secs
    A2. Cable row: 12 reps, Rest: 30 Secs

    B1. Dumbell reverse lunge: 12 reps, Rest: 30 secs
    B2. Kinestic chest press

    C1. Hamstring curl machine: 12 reps, Rest: 30 secs
    C2. Dumbbell seated shoulder press: 12 reps, Rest: 30 secs

    D1. 500m row for time

  • Day 2

    A1.  Dumbbell step ups, 12 reps, Rest: 30 secs
    A2. Lat pull down, 12 reps, tempo 3010, rest: 30 secs

    B1. Walking lunge: 12 reps, Rest: 30 secs
    B2. Pushups, tempo 3010

    C1. Hyper extension: 12 reps, tempo 3010 Rest: 30 secs
    C2. Side plank, 30 secs each side, 4 sets, Rest: 30 secs

    D1. 2km bike erg for time, 30 sec work, 30 sec rest, 4 sets

  • Cardio

    Warm up, then complete:

    60sec work 60sec rest on the Rower (assault or Erg)  x 5

    45sec work 45sec rest on the Ski Erg x 5

    30sec work 30sec rest on the ASSAULT Bike x8


  • This Program Has Been Created By

    Performance Coach Alexis Morrissey

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