Lexy Morrissey

Performance Coach

Lexy Morrissey - Performance Coach
  • Qualifications

    • Certificate IV & III in Personal Training
    • Boxing for Fitness Certificate
    • Bio-Signature
  • Experience

    9 years ago became a trainer as I love exercise, teaching and helping people. I spent 5 years as a Performance Coach at Function Well Newstead, providing clients with advanced program design, Bio- signature & nutrition principals and making friendships.

    Now with three young children I have firsthand experience with training through and post pregnancy; resulting in ‘good & natural births’ plus fast recoveries back to fitness and a body to feel good in. Over the years I have had injuries, imbalances & training setbacks, these experiences allow me to relate, learn and support my clients through their own journeys

  • Coaching Philosophy

    Training makes me happy, I look forward to exercising and get excited cooking and eating clean food (that taste awesome of course). I used to believe in just hard work, commitment and science, now I know that enjoyment and community play a huge part of the experience and results.

    Strength and conditioning training, matched with clean eating and balance for the mind and body will get results in all areas of your life.  Every person is different and understanding how your own stress, gut health, life situation is effecting your body plays a huge part in total health.

    As its more fun to train with friends I run a successful semi- private and group strength and conditioning program.

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