Why We Love Training with Dumbbells

| Movement

Our MetCon classes rely heavily on the use of Dumbbells; one of the most common and versatile pieces of equipment.

Due to the desire of our programming to meet the needs of athletes from beginners to advanced, we utilize equipment that is not only suitable for both populations, but also exceptional for creating the desired stimulus of a workout, regardless of ability level. 

The dumbbell is unique in the physical response it creates in the body. Used either uni or bi-laterally, the dumbbell will quickly expose imbalances, creating increased demand for stability in the joints being trained. 

The demand on the core / structural musculature when using dumbbells is on par with any other “core” exercise. Having separate loads (two dumbbells rather than one barbell) requires a much higher neurological demand, in turn, increasing motor unit recruitment thus resulting in a desirable metabolic response from your workout. 

Dumbbells provide athletes with a much gentler learning curve when exploring the Olympic lifts. (Cleans, Snatches, Presses). It’s much easier to master the basics of these movements with a dumbbell rather than a barbell, as the athlete can much more easily focus on “core to extremity” movement principles. This means concentrating on initiating movement from the core (hips, pelvis, trunk) to generate the force to then finish the movement at the body’s extremities. 

Think taking a dumbbell from the floor straight to an overhead position i.e. a DB Snatch. The athlete tightens the body generates force from the hips and legs, and upon full extension of the hips, the shoulder shrugs, elbow rises and the dumbbell finishes in an overhead position, stacked safely over the torso. This movement is much easier and safer to perform in beginner stages with a dumbbell rather than a barbell. 


Below is an example of the versatility of Dumbbell.
These are just a few of the vast range of movements seen and used in MetCon classes on regular basis. 

Squats, Deadlifts, Presses, Snatches, Carries, Cleans and the list goes on. 

The range of movements able to be performed with dumbbells allows our programming to provide variety without having to reinvent the wheel in terms of exercise selection. Simplicity works.