FTP TEST by Technogym

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The power at threshold is the result of three factors:

VO2 max or how much oxygen you can deliver to your muscle, it is the size of your aerobic engine.

The fraction of utilization of your VO2 max. Basically which % of your VO2 max you can sustain for 20,30, 40 minutes. This is not necessarily the same for every athlete. You could have two athletes with the same VO2 max but one can use 80% and the other maybe 85%.

The economy: so even if those two athletes that have the same VO2 max, they use the same % of VO2 (thus having the same threshold), they would have the same oxygen consumption, however one may be able to produce more watts. You can have a cyclist that with one litre of oxygen can produce 80 watts of power; another could produce only 65 watts.

All those three translate into power at a threshold that we measure with the Technogym FTP test.

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How to do the FTP Test:

This is a 20 min power threshold test and is of fundamental importance in order to assign load levels suitable to the individuals level of fitness.

  1. Login to your technogym mywellness app
  2. Scan the QR code to sync your app to the bike
  3. Select Tests
  4. Select FTP Test
  5. Select Start

On completion, all data will be stored in your technogym mywellness app.

Download the Mywellness App Here mywellness.com/ac492095