6, 12, 25 Method

| Movement

The 6-12-25 workout protocol is a tough workout you can use that will build lean muscle, burn copious amounts of body fat, and uses your time well in the gym. Effectively used by some coaches as a workout to work on a weak body part, we are going to use it to build as much lactic acid as possible.

The program is split into 4 workouts and covers the entire body over a 4-day split. The format is simple – You start with 3 exercises (A1, A2 and A3).

  • The first exercise is 6 reps at a 30×0 tempo
  • Rest 10 seconds
  • The second exercise is 12 reps 3010
  • Rest 10 secs
  • Third exercise 25 reps 3010
  • Rest 2 mins and complete 3 times then move onto the next exercises.

Don’t forget to compliment your Yang training with some Yin training such as Yoga. It is just as important to rest, restore and recharge!