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Program of the Month – September

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Rapid Fat Loss Program

Created for rapid fat loss to get you on the way to your dream body!


When fat loss is the primary goal, I set things up differently.

As with nearly any great plan designed for drastic fat loss, I look to the old standby: Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT), or put another way, fast-paced circuits. I have selected a series of multipoint exercises to give you value for your buck! Instead of having a predetermined number of reps, you’re going to be performing each of these exercises for time—you simply have to do as many reps as you can in a given time period. That’s where density comes in. The idea is to perform more reps on each exercise, and that’s where the increase in density becomes a factor.


Format for our ‘Density Targeted’ Fat Loss Programs

Aim: To achieve the maximum amount of reps per exercise for the allocated time which is 40 seconds.

Each week you will be aiming to achieve more reps than the previous week. Choose a challenging weight and hold across your sets; 40 seconds of WORK and 20 seconds of REST, x 4 rounds. Rest for 90 seconds after each round and record your reps for each exercise. If you want to increase the density even more as the weeks progress, select a heavier load and aim to achieve the same or more reps that you achieved with the lighter weight in the previous session.

*Execute with proper technique to avoid any injuries. If in doubt please ask a coach for assistance.


Weekly Training Schedule

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Weights Program – Density

Day 1: Fat loss


Day 2: Fat loss


Day 3: Fat Loss

Image 4


Feel free to email me at to find out how to fully integrate this program into your current training.

By Performance Coach Mark Vaiao

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