It’s not a New Years resolution, it’s a lifestyle PROGRAM!

Get started now to adapt the Function Well Lifestyle. Transform your health and fitness goals so they are long lasting through accountability and habit stacking.

It’s time to kickstart a lasting transformation and embrace a healthier, more vibrant you!

Program commences 10 February 2024 with a six week kickstart.

Limited places available. Secure yours now.

Program Inclusions - valued at $550!

  • Welcome pack with program overview and more
  • Six weekly lifestyle accountability and educational emails 
  • FW Lifestyle and Performance Tracking Apps 
  • Fitness Testing (suitable and scalable to all levels of fitness)
  • Nutrition and training plans relative to your goals. If you have ever wondered about the life changing benefits of Intermittent Fasting, this will be one of the plans available.
  • Wilde Kitchen & Nourish Meals discounts
  • Nutrition Workshop
  • InBody assessment (pre and post fitness testing)
  • FW Merch Pack 
  • FW Lifestyle Challenge. Helping you implement the FW lifestyle with education and accountability of our holistic approach, based on our 4 key pillars; Mindset, Nutrition, Movement and Restoration
  • Private Contrast Suite Experience valued at $150 (valid until mid March)
  • Entry into 104 Group Training Club – more details below
  • *2 x Performance Coaching Sessions valued at $200

*not included in standard pricing, only available for new members.

New Members $99

Includes $0 onboarding. Add 2 x Performance Coach sessions for an extra $68 ($167 total)


Existing Members $49

*Performance Coach add on only available for new members.


104 Group Training Club.

104 Group Training Club is for Yin + Yang group training classes. It’s objective is to help embrace wellness beyond resolutions, which will help you get lasting wellness results, social connections, and expert guidance.

Attend an average of 2 classes per week over 2024 and you will receive an exclusive 104 Club FW top that can only be earnt and not bought.

By committing to this  2024 program, you’re not just signing up for a fitness routine; you’re embracing a lifestyle where health becomes part of your everyday. Transform resolutions into lifelong well-being!

complete wellness and fitness hub fostering community and results.

Sign up in June to receive 2 weeks FREE*:

    • Eight boutique studios
    • 24/7 gym floor
    • Over 200 weekly classes
    • Science-based programming
    • Wellness and recovery centre
    • World class instructors and expert coaching team
    • and MORE!

*Terms and conditions apply.