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Metabolic Conditioning

Metabolic Conditioning is a scientifically designed group coaching program to boost your metabolism, drop body fat, increase your strength, improve conditioning and make your body ’function well’  in your daily life.

This is one of our most popular classes, it’s popular because it’s fun, gets great results and anyone can participate of any fitness level.


Think functional movement patterns like squats, push-ups, lunges  performed in sequence, interspersed with high intensity cardio intervals; Airdynes, rowers, ski-ergs, skill mills, block runs, hill runs, burpees and everything in between to get your heart racing and superior fitness results. These sessions are always different, so you’ll never get bored.

What is Metabolic Conditioning? 

Met Con challenges all the energy pathways producing a major metabolic response, which means FAT LOSS 24/7.

When most people think of training to improve their conditioning (fitness), they think of conditioning the cardiovascular system to improve transport of blood to the working muscles. Metabolic conditioning is the other side of the coin – conditioning the muscles to better use what’s being delivered to them by improving the efficiency of the different metabolic pathways. Instead of only working your aerobic energy system you are working aerobically and anaerobically whilst improving your strength, power and muscle endurance.


When movement patterns are performed with a high level of density with short rest intervals between exercises, the cardiovascular and metabolic conditioning benefits exceed what can be achieved with more traditional “cardio” activities.

Metabolic training refers to conditioning exercises intended to increase the storage and delivery of energy for any activity. Generally, all out efforts of two minutes or less are anaerobic while efforts lasting more than three to several minutes are aerobic.

While you burn a lot of calories during the session as you do with the more traditional types of cardio methods, what differs between the two is what happens post work out. Metabolic conditioning creates a greater hormonal disturbance that is more favourable to fat fat loss due to the impact on resting metabolic rate RMR & exercise post oxygen consumption EPOC. In simple terms there is no workout that will burn more calories than your resting metabolic rate, so when designing a program for fat loss and physique enhancement YOU must prioritise training methods that will have the greatest impact on RMR & EPOC. More on EPOC below.

High Intensity Anaerobic Interval Training

The second component to metabolic conditioning is high intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT burns more calories overall than steady state and elevates metabolism significantly more than other forms of cardio. The positive is that you can train for less duration and achieve greater results, the downside is it’s bloody HARD – but when you finish a tough session, that feeling you get is what it really feels like to be alive!

Land mark study on interval training from Tremblay:

Tremblay A, Simoneau JA, Bouchard C.

Impact of exercise intensity on body fatness and skeletal muscle metabolism.

Metabolism. 1994 Jul;43(7):814-8

This study pitted 20 weeks of endurance training against 15 weeks of interval training:

Energy cost of endurance training = 28661 calories.

Energy cost of interval training = 13614 calories (less than half)

The interval training group showed a nine times greater loss in subcutaneous fat than the endurance group.

When looking at this it doesn’t make sense that the endurance group burnt more calories but loss less fat? That is unless of course you understand Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption EPOC to explain this significant fat loss increase.

What is EPOC?

EPOC is the recovery of metabolic rate back to pre-exercise levels. This study shows that calories burnt during the session is not the primary focus, methods that have the greatest impact on your metabolism should be the priority if fat loss is the goal.

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