InBody 570 at Function Well

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InBody Body Composition Analysers are the latest technology available on the market for effective, reliable and accurate, non-invasive, body composition testing. This state-of-the-art, medically graded technology is now available to you here at Function Well.

What is it?

The InBody Body Composition Analysers are a medically graded, Therapeutic Goods Approved (TGA) device. It is the only bioelectrical impedance machine with 98% correlation to the DEXA scan across a broad range of populations, from children, elderly, Athletes and obese people to name a few.

The InBody 570 is a new and improved InBody product line, providing exact measurements and data analysis of an individual’s body composition including muscle mass, water, fat, protein, bone mineral and much, much more. The InBody identifies your body’s current status, progression and changes over time.

Why get an InBody Assessment?

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