Your Christmas Drive Contribution

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2020 was the first of many Centacare Christmas Drives to support the women and children in the DFV supported accommodation program. This is a pilot program taking the South East corner of QLD by storm and creating spaces in refuge for other families in crisis, while greatly supporting women and children in their healing and recovery from domestic and family violence. Please note that a large component of this program is philanthropically funded, including my wages (mind blowing). The initiative was started to support women to celebrate their incredible efforts in leaving unsafe partners and homes, and to remind them of the goodness of community spirit. 

Each of you contributed in small or large ways, all of which were incredibly positively impactful to these families. Many of you made more than Christmas wishes come true. Your gifts have kept on giving daily to these families whether it be a scooter that allows children to enjoy their time at home, laugh, get some exercise and give mum a few minutes break. Or to put food on the table, clean their clothes, and stock their bathrooms with necessities. 

Each of you have reminded these families of the true meaning of Christmas spirit and most importantly, community spirit. Every single mother was in tears on delivery day and were in total disbelief that total strangers took the time to consider their family at Christmas and to so generously provide support on their tough journey. Each and every one of you has reminded these families of the goodness of people and the safety of community. 

Mother’s often go without and so the drive was really focused on showering mum with love and self-care options. The children received one or two items on their wish list; but most importantly, the family received vouchers they could use on experiences together.

Written by Amy Cook.


A very special note….

This is to send you millions of thanks for making our Christmas a very happy one at the end of a year that had many ups and downs. When Amy turned up with an overflowing car filled with all sorts of goodies I was amazed at how much thought had gone into every single item. 

As well as gifts for the girls and myself, there was enough grocery and household items to last months. This was a huge financial relief for me as a mother who is often struggling to make ends meet. 

I had been so worried the girls would have a horrible Christmas; but as you can see in these photos they have the biggest smiles and so do I (this photo not included due to privacy, confidentiality and safety reasons).

I want everyone in the team to know I felt so grateful that complete strangers would make such an effort – it was our very first Christmas in the safe house and we did feel safe and comforted and happy. It gave me great relief to know we got through Christmas safely and happily.  On Christmas morning the girls and I had so much fun opening gifts – there was wrapping paper everywhere. This was something I didn’t think would happen for many years to come when I’m eventually on my feet again. 

I have finally put the tree away but I have a beautiful happy memory to keep forever.

I hope you can pass on my deep thanks and the photos to all the team to show them our happiness.

Best wishes to everyone for 2021 and kindest regards,

A very grateful mum and three girls.