5 Tips to Function Well in all Aspects of Life

| Mindset

Implementing these 5 simple but very powerful steps into your routine will have an incredible effect on your performance in and out of the gym.


In Tim Ferris’s book Tools of Titans, he interviews leaders within their field to find out what they do that makes them so successful. Of the 300 or so people he interviewed, 80% of them complete some sort of meditation/mindfulness practice, often first thing in the morning.

For thousands of years, meditators have claimed many benefits for their practice. Our experience, and that of our members, suggests that regular mindfulness practice is a powerful treatment for stress, poor concentration, relationship and more. It leads to peace of mind and wellbeing, greater focus, creativity and better relationships.


Start your day with a Bulletproof Coffee. Bulletproof Coffee has you starting your day with healthy fats to fuel your brain and body for hours, plus a powerful punch of polyphenols (antioxidants) to help power your performance for the long-term.

The quality of your food matters. Choose animals that have had a diet that is natural to them and eat organic fruit and veg where possible! Want further proof on whether this really works? Refer to the Ikaria people of Greece, they have the largest number of ninety-year-olds on the planet!


“YOU LOSE BALANCE, YOU LOSE POWER”. Managing factors beyond the workout is often neglected, but often more important than the workout itself. Our philosophy is based on the Ancient Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang, a holistic approach to achieving balanced, superior fitness.

This philosophy dictates that opposing forces complement one another. Relating this to your training, Yang (high) is intensity and Yin (low) is skill-based work such as yoga, meditation, mobility and maintenance, recovery swim, steam, sauna, massage etc. Understanding and implementing the relationship between these 2 is phenomenal, not only for training but also for life. It is a principle that will stand the test of time!

Restoring the body and the mind is immensely useful for improving performance at work, in the gym and at home. “The further you dig the hole, whether that be with consistent intense training and/or consistent stress, the more you need to fill it with restorative protocols”.

Today’s fast-paced world has us overworked, overtired and overstressed. For many people, implementing more Yin into their life through Yoga, meditation and somewhere to escape the madness of life will do more for their health than anything else.


We are designed to move, it’s in our DNA and without it, we are not the same. All sorts of physiological and psychological problems can proliferate from leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Move the way we were designed to move by lifting and carrying things and complete interval style of training – imagine you are hunting a wild beast or being chased by one…That could make for a pretty creative workout.


Unfortunately, the desk-bound world we live in is dramatically impacting our health and biomechanics, leading to an increased risk of injury. For many people, often the limiting factor in achieving their full fitness potential is lack of mobility. Despite having the greatest impact on improved fitness for many people, it quite often is the most neglected component of many training programs.

Complete 10mins per day and 1-2 dedicated classes like our stretch therapy or yoga classes per week and feel the difference for yourself. Your body will thank you for it!