Your First Reformer Pilates Class

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What Should I Expect for my First Reformer Pilates Class?

It can be daunting to walk into a Pilates studio for the first time, the reformer is an amazing piece of apparatus; however, it may appear intimidating to a beginner… a moving carriage with a pulley system and resistance springs… and may have you wondering if Reformer Pilates is suitable for beginners? 

Learning to use new equipment can make anyone feel uncoordinated, but at Function Well our instructors will always be there to make you feel welcome, keep you safe and guide you through the movements. Our group classes have a max of 14 people so you’ll get a great workout and lots of attention from our experienced instructors who will provide you with alternatives if you have specific injuries and options of intensity levels. As you progress from pilates beginner to pilates pro, you’ll notice improved coordination, balance and control.


A full body workout

Pilates is a full body workout which primarily targets your core muscles, including your abdominal muscles, hip muscles, gluts, lower and upper back muscles and inner thigh muscles.  A strong core will improve your strength and stamina and complement everything you do; protect your lower back during weight training or CrossFit, improve posture and alignment during MetCon workouts and help you stay injury-free during explosive intervals of high intensity classes. The benefits of Pilates extend beyond your workout, improving the way you move in your everyday life by promoting better posture, efficient movement, and for many, relief from pain associated with physical imbalances.

Here’s what to expect your first time in a Reformer Pilates class:

  • Pilates is a full body workout. While Pilates is a low-impact workout, don’t be surprised if the class is harder than you thought it would be.  Pilates targets muscles you don’t usually use in your day-to-day life (but would benefit from being stronger). You will likely “feel the burn” during the class, and may feel sore the next day!
  • Pilates equipment uses springs with varying degrees of tension.  The springs provide both resistance and support for your exercises. A heavier spring might make your workout more challenging, then again, a heavier spring can make exercise easier because it stabilises and requires you to use less of your own body weight. Your instructor will recommend the springs to use for each exercise. 
  • You get to play with props. Pilates often incorporates props like the Magic Circle, Pilates ball and resistance bands to help improve your mind muscle connection and form.
  • Every class is different. At Function Well, we deliver a variety of classes with teachers from diverse teaching styles. We have teachers that will give you an athletic workout, teachers that deliver classes full of technique as well as teachers that will inspire you with creativity and flow. Try them all to see what class suits you so that you can get the workout you want with the benefits you need.

A few tips for your first class:

  • Arrive early.  It’s a good idea to hit your class early. Let your instructor know it’s your first time using the equipment, so they can give you a quick tour on what it’s all about and keep an eye on you throughout the class and offer modifications or adjustments.
  • Invest in some grippy socks You will wear socks during the class. The grip socks provide traction and prevent your feet from slipping on the machine.
  • Be positive. Our studio is an inclusive and supportive space, come to class ready to work and encourage others!
  • Commitment leads to results. Like with any new activity, it can take time to understand the skills and techniques behind Pilates exercises. Find the class you love and commit to your practice (minimum 2-3 times a week); we guarantee you will see improvements and feel amazing!