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R U Ok? day

Join us in Hub on Thursday 14 September for R U OK? Day.

To support this worthy cause and promote awareness of mental health we are hosting a range of activations in Hub for R U OK? Day. Remember that your mental health is as important as your physical health, we are here to help you take care of both.

R U OK? Day encourages people to initiate meaningful conversations with their friends, family, and colleagues, asking the simple yet powerful question, “Are you okay?” The goal is to foster connection, empathy, and support, emphasizing that a genuine conversation can make a positive impact on someone’s emotional well-being. R U OK? Day is vital because it raises awareness about mental health struggles, reduces stigma around discussing such issues, and ultimately strives to save lives by encouraging open dialogue and reaching out to those in need.

We are partnering with the amazing The Newstead Group who will donate $1 for every Yin and Yang class attendee and $1 for every calorie for the winners of the class challenges.

If you would like to make a donation to R U OK? Day you can here, and quote RegEv-003001.

Open to all members. Book via the FW app or drop in for a chat after your workout.


Wednesday 13 September

6.45am Meditation Class


Thursday 14 September

JP’s Mental Health Metcon
CrossFit & Metcon class calorie challenges
5.15pm Hot Pilates for stress relief
Mindfulness & Meditation
Surprise & Delight conversation zones


Mores resources can be found on ruok.org.au.