Heart Rate Training at Function Well

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At Function Well, all of our high intensity classes promote the use of Heart Rate monitors for effort tracking, however our EST sessions are most directly related back to HR monitor use. These sessions are based around monostructural movements performed at maximal and sub maximal efforts with varying rest periods.

Train at INtensity

By integrating live heart rates and effort tracking, we are able to coach members of all levels of fitness and experience through a workout based on expected effort output to gain the desired outcome. This feature adds a sense of personalization to each workout, as well as gamifying training, with athletes able to see each other’s Effort and HR, creating another layer of extrinsic motivation.

With heart rates and HR %’s displayed in real time, members can see the intensity in which they are training and how quickly they recover between bouts of exercise. The ability to work longer in higher heart rate zones and recovery rate are both key indicators of increased fitness, both of which are easily seen on the TeamBeats display in class. Coaches then use this information when programming future workouts, progressively overloading the energy systems for continued capacity for improvement.

The variability in stimuli throughout each training week sees members spend time in each of the 5 heart rate zones, predominantly the top 3 – yellow, orange and red, which represent HR %’s and effort from 70-100%. This variability aids in the improvement of the aerobic, anaerobic and ATP-PC Systems. More simply put, the increased capacity and output across all heart rate zones.


Recent studies show that “Effort Visibility” strengthens the effect of motivation on performance. Gamifying exercise/training is a proven tool for maintaining accountability in athletes of all levels, especially for those lacking motivation.

Participants of this particular study could see their effort/heart rate displayed while training displayed higher levels of motivation and also reported significantly higher levels of happiness with their training compared to those who could not see their effort displayed. In beginner level athletes, those who could see their effort/heart rate reported steady levels of increased motivation as time went on compared to the decrease in motivation in beginners who didn’t have effort/heart rate displays.


Measure What Matters – effort over ability

When training with a heart rate monitor you will get the most our of our group classes. Our in-class technology provides key data including calories burnt, the intensity at which you’re training and how many MOVEs you have gained in real time as well as updating your daily and weekly movement in the Function Well app.

Wearable devices are not just for the elite, they are for all members who are wanting to get the most out of every session and their Function Well membership. With our unique Teambeats system by global fitness and innovation brand Technogym we have levelled the playing field, and everyone’s invited to play – we’re not measuring speed, cadence, or weight lifted. We’re measuring the effort put in by your heart. This means beginners can take on the more experienced and come out on top! 

You can purchase a Function Well heart rate monitor in hub, however other wearable devices also connect to the Function Well app and the Teambeats system in our high intensity classes. If you have one of the following wearable devices you too can reap the benefits of our science based programming and heart rate based training system:

  • Function Well Heart Rate Monitors
  • Polar
  • Scosche
  • MyZone
  • OrangeTheory
  • Garmin
  • Any device that has ANT+ AND bluetooth will sync to the Teambeats system in Function Well high intensity classes. 

Grab a Heart Rate monitor, get connected, train at the right intensity, see the results!


Written by Coach Lew – Group Fitness Director