5km Running Improvement

| Movement

This program’s intention is to improve your 5km running time While still promoting muscular strength.

This is achieved through incorporating interval work at % of your PR 5 km time. While being supported with strength work and recovery protocols. The goal is to increase the speed of your intervals each week.

This program should be completed for 4 weeks in total.

  • Monday: Week 1

    Test your 5km time (use your time to work %)
    E.g. 30minute 5km = 10km/hr – Calculate speed = % X speed 0.00 = Working speed

  • Monday: Weeks 2-4

    20s @ 115% of 5km speed (eg . 115 X 0.10 = 11.5km/hr) – 40s jog X 5

    Rest 3 minutes

    30s @ 115% – 30s walk X 5

    1 minute fast @ 110% – 30s walk X 5

  • Tuesday

    A1: Gym Ball Hamstring curls
    3 X 8 reps (maintain high hips)
    A2: DB Front Rack Reverse Lunge
    4 X 6 reps ea.
    Recommendation is 15kg each side for males & 7kgs for females.

    B1: Machine Glute bridge kickback
    3 X 8 reps ea. leg.
    Choose a weight that you can explode back while remaining controlled on the way back.

    C1: Power tower straight leg raise
    3 X 15 reps
    Recommended changing to knee tuck if 12 reps are a challenge.
    C2: Russian twist
    3 X 20s rep
    Keep your feet off the ground and maintain control.

    D1: SkillMill Sled Push
    6 sets 40 meters on, 60 secs rest.
    The recommendation is 7 for men and women.

  • Wednesday

    8-10 X 400m efforts.
    Run at 115% of 5km pace. Rest 2 minutes between efforts.

  • Thursday

    A1: 2km run at 105%
    Focus on controlling your breathing and keeping your knee drive high and your arms side by side (not across the body)

    B1: Barbell Back squat
    3 X 5 reps @ 70%
    Move through full range reps & focus on power out of the bottom of the squat.

    C1: Push-ups
    3 X 12 reps
    Chest to ground, lockout at the top.
    C2: Ring rows
    3 X 12 reps
    C3: Elbow plank
    3 X 45s
    Keep your ribs locked down. This is to stop your ribs flaring when you fatigue in a 5k race.

  • Friday

    Perform 60 minutes of trigger pointing with ROMWOD mobility or a yoga class.

  • Saturday

    Attend PARK RUN 5 km run.

  • Sunday

    30 min Restoration Zone:
    10-minute sauna + 2-minute ice X 2
    15 min Brain Tap/Meditation