Athletic Zone Athlete of the Month – March

March Athlete of the Month: Nadine Kluss

Nadine Kluss… one half of the 5am power couple! While Nadine has been a member since 2019, she has recently upped her game, committing to training every day and putting an emphasis on her nutrition and recovery. In the month of January she completed multiple workouts RX, which many spend their lifetime trying to achieve. 

Whilst she is always impressing us with her fresh to death fashion and on point hair, it’s her warm smile that always makes you feel welcome in the gym. She is always one of the first members to share her equipment or let someone go before her, she really embodies the Athletic zone community and is a great role model. 

Of note, Nadine has recently achieved kipping pull ups, push ups on her toes and hit an 80kg PB for 2 reps on her back squat! I can speak on behalf of all the coaches when I say I’m excited when I see Nadine is in my class as it brightens my whole day.

Congratulations on being April’s Athlete of the Month!

Written by Head CrossFit Coach Nanda Stoltz