Athletic Zone Athlete of the Month – August

AUGUST Athlete of the Month: THE RUSSELL TRIO

Peter, Hayden & Kieran

This month it’s a family affair, we have chosen the Russell men as our Athlete of the month. Father Peter, and two sons Kieran & Hayden have been putting in the hard work and it shows. Strength runs in this family!

The boys consistently get top scores of the day when there is some heavy lifting involved. Hayden is the gymnast in the family and can comfortably do bar muscle ups and handstand push ups with ease.

Kieran is by far the strongest rower in the gym – it’s impressive to watch!

Peter is our allrounder, strong at moving a bar around but also committed to working on his gymnastics. Above all we love the competitive nature between the men and love having them in our classes!

Written by Coach Nanda