Newstead Legend of the Month

OCTOBER legend of the month: MARTYN POINTER

Martyn has improved leaps and bounds since first joining the function well community in 2019. From barely doing any resistance training to now being able to bench press above his body weight he has come a long way. Due to his hard work in and outside the gym he has seen a large decrease in stress levels, increased energy levels, improved sleep and general health.

Working a stressful office job, Martyn likes to get his training done first thing in the morning, training twice a week with performance coach Zach (after giving the community team some cheek!) and an extra resistance training session later in the week by himself. On alternate days he enjoys getting a run in, as well as a HIIT based session a couple times a week. To keep his body in check most sessions start with a foam roll and trigger point routine for about 15 minutes. If he is ever feeling tight he does a longer recovery session with some mobility exercises.

Outside the gym he has cut down largely on take away meals, decreased alcohol consumption and continues his trigger point routine at home. Eating a healthier diet has benefited him especially with energy levels in the gym, being able to lift heavier and push himself the whole session was something he wasn’t able to do and has now seen a great deal of strength gain because of this.

Congratulations on being our Legend of the Month!

Written by Performance Coach Zach.