Legend of the Month

March legend of the month: Jonathon RUTTER

Jonno Rutter has been a solid feature of the Function Well community and a client of mine for over seven years now. When he first started Jonno could only commit a limited amount of time to the gym due to work and other commitments. In recent years has really increased his time in the gym and thus seen some really great improvements in all areas including body composition, training intensity and achieving PBs.

The driving force behind why he has seen such great improvements is his focus on technique and adherence to body movement and awareness. Jonno is very diligent in training, rarely missing a session and sticking stoically to his program.

Within his programming, we have committed to compound lifts and incorporate plyometrics and olympic lifts which he loves which I feel contributes to keeping his motivation high to continue coming to the gym. He also regularly does Wim Hof breathing that helps with his sleep, work life and surfing.

Congratulations Jonno, this is well deserved and I cannot wait to see the results you will continue to achieve.

Congratulations on being our Legend of the Month!

Written by Performance Coach Brad.