Legend of the Month

NOVEMBER legend of the month: indika Premarathna

Indi, aka the Sri Lankan Prince, has been training with me for over 4 years now. When he first came to train with me he had no training age, which means that he had not weight trained before. It took Indi a little time and much dedication to prime his body to the rigours of weight training and lifting techniques but my, hasn’t he crushed it since and would now have one of the best squat techniques in the gym.

During Covid he acquired bumpers /barbells and weights and really set to work. Upon FW reopening he has been posting PBs week after week with him setting some really heavy 1 RM goals. His dedication and consistency is second to none.

I look forward to seeing what he is capable of moving forward.

Congratulations on being November’s Legend of the Month!

Written by Performance Coach Brad Munro.