Legend of the Month

JULY legend of the month: VINA HESS

Vina has been a solid feature of the Function Well community for a number of years now. In the last five years she has competed in many events from triathlons, endurance cycle races and more recently taken to mountain biking. While doing this, she has always continued her training in a smart and consistent way while pregnant with her little ones, Scarlett and Jacob.

Her holistic view of training has helped her performance, she is diligent with her nutrition, and physio appointments with our in house practitioner Kathleen (AKA the devil). Vina has battled injuries but has always remained focused on rehabilitation and finding a healthy way to work through any setbacks. Vina continues to cycle through structural balance programming which has seen her make huge gains in regard to strength with minimal pain. This has also seen great improvements in mobility and adherence to body movement and awareness.

Vina is never put off by starting something new, more recently she has been concentrating on Olympic lifting and plyometrics with basic Olympic lifts to give more strength and power on the bike. Vina rarely misses a session, enjoys the coaches banter on the floor and also promotes Function Well to her friends consistently. Congratulations Vina, this is well deserved and we can’t wait to see the results you continue to achieve.

Congratulations on being our Legend of the Month!

Written by Performance Coach Brad.