Legendary Client of the Month

OCTOBER legendary client of the month: Josh Vial

Josh has been training at Function Well approaching one year now. During this time, physically and mentally, he has refined himself. His commitment towards his training is second to none, rarely ever missing a session, including the likes of Strength and Conditioning, Boxing and HIIT classes.

Recently, Josh has noticed an increase in his muscle mass, strength and overall fitness and also a decline in his body fat percentage. His dedication towards maintaining a holistic training regime has also played a large role in his results, incorporating the likes of yoga and Restoration Zone sessions. Incorporating recovery is important in ensuring that we are ticking all the boxes to optimise Josh’s recovery so that he can maintain a high level of performance when in the gym, but also making sure he is on top of his game during his working hours.

Congratulations on being October’s Legendary Client of the Month!

Written by Performance Coach Isaac Corvo.