Legend of the Month

DECEMBER legend of the month: HAESLEY CUSH

Haesley is the epitome of a Function Well high performer. He understands very clearly that staying on top of his health and fitness in the gym will flow on to improving his performance as a husband, father, business person and leader in his industry.

Monday to Friday you will find Haesley ripping into the 5.15am classes. You will often also catch him getting his weights session done early on a Sunday morning, which allows him to be home and present with the kids when they wake up.

Haes is a great example of the mindset that if your health is a priority then you make the time for it, regardless of how busy you are. He also recognises the importance of taking the time to reduce stress and restore balance by regularly using the Restoration Zone, especially the sauna and ice bath, as well as seeing in-house physio Kathleen to manage any aches and pains.

We love Haesley’s positive attitude and dedication to his training. Even during the Covid lock down, Haes stayed as consistent as ever committing to early morning zoom workouts and mobility sessions.

Congratulations on being Decembers Legend of the Month!

Written by Ben McCarthy.