Newstead Legends of the Month – January

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Scotty & Alex for a long time; however, it wasn’t until March 2021 that I got a message from Scotty asking to organise a Performance Coaching session once a week. It wasn’t long until Alex joined the session also and we increased their private sessions to twice a week.

What has unfolded before my eyes is an incredible journey between two mates that has seen them go from strength to strength which kicked off with training for Function Well Dri Tri and then signing up for the Function Well 6 week challenge and finally joining Coach Zach’s boxing program. Through this journey, they have been motivating and keeping each other accountable.

Whilst dropping nearly 15kg between them and dramatically improving their fitness, it is the use of the Restoration Zone that is helping the boys to find balance with their training/work and life stresses that has me most proud.

The benefits they have gained from utilising this space has allowed them to recover faster and therefore train harder, as well as provide a mental release and grounding from day-to-day challenges and stressors.

At the end of the day, the best thing of all is that I can call them my mates.

Well Done boys!”

Written by Performance Coach JP