Athlete of the Month

february athlete of the month: brendan stephens

Brendan is a regular in the Crossfit classes, always pushing himself to the next level. His contagious smile helps the other participants through the toughest of workouts. With a goal to improve, Brendan attends all the AZ events and shows his support to his fellow members.

We appreciate all you bring to the box Brendan, congratulations on being our February athlete of the month!

Written by Coach Anna.

A few moments with brendan:

When did you start doing CrossFit?

May 2019 here at the Athletic Zone.

Most loved WOD/Movement?

I think Murph will always be one of my favourites, but I’m also really enjoying the barbell – cleans and snatches and also HSPU at the moment.

Least Favourite WOD/Movement?

I still struggle with overhead squats. But my mobility is slowly getting better the longer I keep at it.

Favourite cheat meal?

Recently I’ve really enjoyed sipping on a good quality tequila on the rocks otherwise a craft beer (the Canadian club ads don’t resonate with me at all) and pizza.

Proudest Moment?

There have been a few recently. In the box I’ve nailed some PB lifts lately; getting back to STO following some shoulder issues; somehow managed a strict ring muscle up and getting the hang of double unders. Outside the gym, I came 2nd in my age group (18th overall) in an Ultra back in November.

What was your goal when joining Athletic Zone?

To keep training interesting and learn more movements and skills.

What is your 6-month goal?

There have been a few people asking me this lately because I am normally signed up for a Spartan race or some other crazy challenge (last year was the Spartan Ultra 50km/60 obstacles) but I have nothing locked in for 2021. I am open to suggestions. I am looking forward to the open in March and currently, I’m feeling happy seeing the small improvements week to week.

Has CrossFit affected your life outside the gym?

Definitely – there is no better feeling than starting your day with a WOD and ice bath. The at home workouts gave me a chance to train with some Hawthorne locals during the lockdown (keeping me motivated) and do a bit more running than usual.

What is your number 1 tip for someone looking to get healthier?

Add a Gymnastic class to your week! They are core killers and everything improves with a strong core.

If you were to create a WOD and name it after yourself, it would be?

“Brendan’s Banger”

Death by: Strict HSPU

800m Run

10 MIN AMRAP14 Pistols
6 Snatches
5 Bar Muscle Ups