Toombul Legend of the Month

October Legend of the month: Irene Doo

Irene Doo has been a client with me from the start and has shown great commitment to achieving her goals over the past few months. Before starting at Function Well, Irene didn’t have a lot of training experience but wanted to build her strength and fitness levels and become more comfortable in the gym, which I can safely say she has done.

From starting with the basics and perfecting her naturally good form, Irene is now squatting, and deadlifting way more than she ever thought she could and is absolutely loving it!

Irene is in every morning either doing our strength program or jumping into one of Jesse’s boxing classes with her friends. She even pushed outside her comfort zone and competed in the Dry-Tri and absolutely smashed it!

The energy, commitment and motivation Irene brings to our sessions and to the gym is really admired and I love being able to challenge her with every new program.

Congratulations on being October’s Legend of the Month!

Written by Performance Coach Lizzy