Toombul Legend of the Month

September athlete of the month: Mark shewan

“Mark is a foundation member here at Function Well Toombul and his main goals were to decrease body fat, improve his overall fitness and get stronger. Since joining, Mark has lost a staggering 15kgs! He has also gained some serious strength, in fact he has more than doubled what he can lift since he first started. Mark is very popular at the boxing classes which he attends multiple times per week.

Mark’s enthusiasm and dedication is admired by many and he is someone who really embraces the Function Well way. He is at the gym sometimes twice per day either training hard or utilising the Restoration Zone, he loves the ice bath and sauna and has even gone as far as starting a community in the steam room on most evenings and Saturday mornings. Mark’s results speak for themselves as he has achieved a big portion of his goal already and has done it in a healthy and safe way by following our 4 pillars of health: Mindset, Nutrition, Movement and Restoration.

We have no doubt Mark will continue smashing his goals based on the commitment and dedication displayed so far. Congratulations on being September’s Legend of the Month.

Written by Performance Coach Alex.