Athlete of the Month

november athlete of the month: sarah marling

Sarah has been a member of Crossfit Newstead for two years and everyone can agree that she is always there to cheer you on and make the ‘newbies’  feel welcome.

She always has a smile on her face no matter how hard the workout is, and is always striving to become the best she can be.

Congratulations Sarah, very well deserved!

Written by Coach Anna.

A few moments with sarah:

When did you start doing CrossFit?

May 2018 – not soon enough!

Most loved WOD/Movement?

I love any barbell cycling WODs and overhead squats 🙂
Also partial to anything with a run and found a new love for dumbbells during COVID iso-training.

Least Favourite WOD/Movement?

I don’t get very excited for thrusters or the airdyne/assault bike #classiccrossfitter.

Favourite cheat meal?

Love a good burger, chips and a beer followed by ice cream.

Proudest Moment?

Competing in a few Crossfit Comps last year. We ran an in-house comp fundraiser, my partner Sarah and I won… (it wasn’t rigged). My AZ family all jumped in to help raise money for a cause that’s very close to me. We also took a team to Allstar Alliance which was an awesome two days with my AZ team mates and I also did a few comps with my partner Trica. All of these times gave me such an amazing sense of achievement and self satisfaction, but also pride and gratitude for our community, the sport and what it brings to my life.

What was your goal when joining Athletic Zone?

I was looking for a new challenge that I could really channel my energy into and to push my limits. I’ve learnt new skills, got super strong and fit and a lot more confident in my abilities.

What is your 6-month goal?

I’m focusing on consistency with my training, sleep and recovery at the moment.
I don’t have any specific goals right now but in 6 months time, it would be great to have added some kgs to all my lifts and maybe finally perform a textbook Snatch.

Has CrossFit affected your life outside the gym?

Absolutely. The community at AZ & FW has been a constant happy place for me over the last 2+ years – our coaches and members are #1!
I’ve made some beautiful friends and am constantly inspired by the people who have become a special part of my life.
As a sport, CrossFit pushes you to step outside of your comfort zone, challenges you to learn new skills and get comfortable facing your fears.
Over time, this has boosted my confidence and i’m adopting more of a growth mindset.
We work hard and push each other – this energy and outlook is inspiring on so many levels and extends to life outside of the gym.

What is your number 1 tip for someone looking to get healthier?

Decide what you want for you and start now, where you are with what you have.
I think it’s really easy to compare ourselves to others and be overwhelmed by how far we feel we have to go but consistency and intention will take you far if you just show up and keep showing up. Find a community and supporters (like FW and AZ) to guide you and lift you up. . . and have fun!!

If you were to create a WOD and name it after yourself, it would be?

Sar’s frothy fun socks and friends wod:

Buy in
800m run
21 Deadlifts
21 Power snatches
21 Overhead squats
15 Deadlifts
15 Power snatches
15 Overhead squats
9 Deadlifts
9 Power snatches
9 Overhead squats

Buy out
800m run