Sarah Chapman

Pilates Instructor

I am a true Pilates advocate as I have remedied many of my own movement issues through the practice.

Sarah Chapman - Pilates Instructor
  • Qualifications

    • Certificate III & IV in Fitness
    • Reformer Instructor Qualification Studio Pilates
    • Pilates Matwork Qualification Studio Pilates
    • Polestar Pilates Matwork Instruction Method Polestar
    • Matwork Progressions Studio Pilates
    • Pilates Ball, Circle band Qualification Studio Pilates
    • Small Pilates Ball Studio Pilates
    • Foam Roller Pilates Studio Pilates
    • Wunda Chair Studio Pilates
    • Exercising Through Pregnancy and Beyond Limitless Health
    • Pre and Post Natal Pilates The Body Refinery
    • Strength Pilates John Contreas
  • Experience

    I joined the fitness industry as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor in 2015, coaching clients towards fitness and body composition goals. I soon discovered that many clients needed to take steps to improve their movement, so I decided to specialise in Pilates as I knew firsthand the benefits it offered. I have done ongoing study to refine my skills, using various Pilates modalities and apparatuses.

  • Philosophy

    I believe that positive change comes from the simple act of forming new habits. Starting small and building up once any new habits have become routine. So much can be achieved if you have patience, stay consistent and surround yourself with people who are cheering for you to succeed.

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