Ruby Ker

CrossFit Coach

I joined CrossFit at a young age and enjoyed the fun and encouraging community aspect as much as the fitness. I love playing sports and live a healthy, active and social lifestyle. I am passionate about helping people maximise their performance to achieve their goals.

Ruby Ker - CrossFit Coach
  • Qualifications

    4th Year Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology
    CrossFit Level 1 Certificate

  • Experience

    I have always loved being involved in all sports and was super active when growing up. Once my mum introduced me to my local CrossFit box, I enjoyed the unique and challenging characteristics of the sport. This gave me a strong drive to consistently push myself and develop new skills and abilities. 

    Since then, I have used CrossFit as a training tool to develop my strength, speed and endurance, which I can apply to other sports. CrossFit has also given me the opportunity to meet and interact with interesting people, which is a great part of being able to train and work at Function Well.

  • Coaching Philosophy

    My coaching philosophy is fairly simple; master the fundamentals and the rest will follow. Those who are motivated and give themselves the time to learn, build and progress new skills and improve fitness will be rewarded. The exciting part about CrossFit is there is always something to progress, whether that be skill, speed, weight, endurance or mobility.

    I also believe that the way an athlete perceives health and fitness is greatly influenced by the values and principle of the coach. It is a coaches role to not only encourage athletes but also educate and set the example. Without this, the values of community, effort and progress are not promoted.

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