Melissa Skinner

Performance Coach

Health and Fitness is part of my everyday life as training and eating well not only helps me feel better, I find it fun. This is what I want my clients to feel too, eating well and exercising doesn’t have to be hard and I want to encourage everyone to incorporate it into their day as best they can.

Melissa Skinner - Performance Coach
  • Qualifications

    • Certificate III in Fitness
    • Certificate IV in Fitness
    • Science of Pad work (Boxing) L1 + L2
  • Experience

    I was always very active growing up, playing various sports every weekend. When I hit my early teens I suffered from headaches and migraines. As I got older, I developed high blood pressure at the age of 32. I was prescribed a higher dose of medication than my Grandma who was in her 90’s. I then learnt the importance of what regular exercise, yoga and good nutrition can do for overall health. Implementing some simple tools to make sure that these were a staple thing in my life, it has now turned my headaches and high blood pressure around to be non existent. I became a fitness professional so that I can help others see this importance and that being smart about training and eating well can be achieved by anyone

  • Coaching Philosophy

    I believe in training smart and listening to your body. I design and help implement a structured and well tailored program that’s individual for achieving one’s goal. Adhering to the 4 core values of Function Well, they truly pave the way for a healthy lifestyle. I believe in hard work but also having fun along the way.

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