Dana Ortez

Pilates Instructor

I’m here to make you feel as good as you look! When I’m not studying psychology, I’m using Pilates to help others enhance their mental and physical health. Get ready for a serious burn, and a chance to level up your overall wellbeing!

Dana Ortez - Pilates Instructor
  • Qualifications

    • Reformer Pilates
    • Mat Pilates
    • Barre
  • Experience

    I’ve been instructing for almost 5 years now at studios all around Brisbane (including Function Well in 2020). I have been trained by lead instructors from New York and LA, which I credit for my unique and fun style of classes.

    For the last two years I have been the lead instructor at my own studio, which I founded and opened in 2020. I created my studio to be a place that allowed people to feel a sense of belonging and empowerment, and to use physical movement to enhance mental health. Now, I’m so excited to be returning to Function Well to continue teaching as I move into my post-graduate studies and continue to provide members here with an exceptional experience to enhance their bodies and minds through movement!

  • Philosophy

    My philosophy is centred around using movement as a tool to make you feel good, rather than just look good. Exercise is the world’s most effective way of enhancing mental health, but too often, people use it as a way of punishing themselves rather than something to look forward to. Movement is a time where you should be able to disconnect from the world and re-connect to yourself; to test your limits, build new confidence, and have fun! In my classes, everyone is welcome and everyone is safe. You’ll always leave feeling better than you did coming in.

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