Callum McConnel

Performance Coach

I believe that training should provide you with a sense of enjoyment; whether it be in the physical activity itself, or through the satisfaction of achieving goals you have set for yourself. My aim is to help clients achieve that same mindset and enjoyment in their fitness journey.

Callum McConnel - Performance Coach
  • Qualifications

    Certificate III in Fitness
    Certificate IV in Fitness
    ASCA Level 1 Strength and Conditioning
    AIK Kettlebells Level 1
    AIK Kettlebells Level 2

  • Experience

    I’ve maintained a passion for health, sport and fitness from an early age, participating in a variety of activities from team sports such as soccer, to tennis and running, and in my adult years that focus has shifted to inside the gym. 

    I completed my Bachelor of Business and worked as a Cost Controller in the Mining and Metals/Oil and Gas industry for 8 years, moving between numerous projects and working in different parts of Australia. In early 2015 I decided to take advantage of the end of my contract, and pursue a career in health and fitness – something I had long dreamt of doing.

    I’ve been working as a Personal Trainer for over 4 years, and have helped numerous clients achieve their own health and fitness goals.

  • Coaching Philosophy

    My coaching philosophy is centred around the approach of assisting clients in identifying, training for and achieving their own unique, individual goals. I aim to achieve this by developing a training program that is catered specifically to the client, along with guidance around other necessary lifestyle changes such as sleep and nutrition.

    I believe Function Well’s core values and approach to health and fitness are a fantastic model for clients to adhere to in their health and fitness journey and feel that a supportive facility and community is vital in helping clients to achieve their goals.

    As a Performance Coach at Function Well, I strive to help clients achieve and maintain a sense of enjoyment in their training, giving them the guidance as well as the push they need along the way.

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