Anna Olheden

CrossFit Coach

I have always loved being active. I started playing soccer at a young age but unfortunately had to stop due to an injury. After this, I decided to stop training and it wasn’t until my best friend dragged me to a CrossFit class at the beginning of 2016 and then I fell in love with the sport. I came to Australia to study sport and development at TAFE and continued my studies with a bachelor of health science.

Anna Olheden - CrossFit Coach
  • Qualifications

    CrossFit Level 1
    Diploma in Sport and Development
    Currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science

  • Experience

    When I arrived in Australia I started at a small gym called the Evolved, after this, I then started coaching at CrossFit Woolloongabba, where I later became the head coach. In 2019 I started coaching at CrossFit Kova. During these 3 years have also worked at F45, 12RND, have a small number of PT clients, individual programming, and run small boot camps in the mornings.

  • Coaching Philosophy

    It’s easy to move a barbell up and down, but to do it well takes time and practice. For me it is important that my athletes learn how to move well before adding weight or intensity to a workout. CrossFit have had a bad reputation and if you are not an attentive coach, injury can occur. It is important for everyone to listen to your body, you only have one so take care of it ! If you do that, and move well, then we can start working on strength and speed.

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