Alex Djurovic

Performance Coach

My name is Alex and I am very excited to meet you all! Fitness is my number 1 passion and I cannot wait to share my knowledge with everyone and help you all achieve your fitness goals and ambitions.

Alex Djurovic - Performance Coach
  • Qualifications

    • Bachelor or Exercise and Movement Science
    • Blue Card (Training Children)
  • Experience

    I started as an Assistant Sports coordinator at the Ambrose Treacy College. This included assisting kids with resistance training from grades 4 to 12 as well as coaching basketball and soccer teams and physical education sessions. After that I was an assistant strength and conditioning coach for the Easts Tigers Queensland cup team along with working as a personal trainer. I have experience competing in bodybuilding which is where my current personal fitness short term goals currently lie and I am very excited to have joined the Function Well coaching team, working with like-minded clients to achieve their health and fitness goals.

  • Coaching Philosophy

    I believe anyone can achieve a fitness goal. If you decide you want to better yourself, be disciplined and dedicated then the human body will listen – anything is possible. Hard work and dedication are key when striving to achieve a fitness goal and I would love to help anyone achieve what they want in their fitness journey.

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