Corporate Training

Looking to create a sense of comradery and team building into your work environment? Our corporate training offering is a great solution to bringing a team together outside of work and provides a great perk for staff.

Employees Benefits

We all know regular exercise has its physical and mental benefits, but this also translates into better performance in a work environment. Regular exercise makes you sharper, more productive, and generally means having fewer days off sick!

Lunchtime is our most common time for corporate training. It’s generally a great way to break up a day, and you’ve got that post-workout glow and energy boost to help you get through a tough afternoon of meetings.

Business Benefits

As well as all the employee benefits, we find a lot of businesses are always looking for new ways to give back to their employees. Free gym classes or discounted gym memberships are a great way to provide more than just work benefits to employees but also you’re focused on their health and wellbeing.

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