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Many clients who come to see our Naturopath and Nutritionist’s have had symptoms for years and haven’t had success in resolving them in the past. These issues involve hormonal imbalances, weight loss, as well as site specific fat loss working in with your own training at function well, creating a multi-modality feedback system to help you achieve the fitness goal you desire.

The main focus of our personalised treatment strategy is to eliminate any underlying factors that could be preventing you being at your best on all levels. That may be food intolerances or poor cellular health.

This may involve further investigations via a naturopathic referral such as hormonal, nutritional,genetic, gut/liver/kidney function tests which will be performed by a Functional Pathology testing lab close to you.

What do we specialize in?

The main goal of the treatment is to detect the underlying cause of your presenting symptoms.  This may involve further investigations such as blood/saliva or parasitic/bacterial (affect the digestive tract) tests. Once the cause is determined, treatment involves dietary correction, gut reconditioning programs, adrenal/Nervous system re-balancing as well as immune strengthening.  Click here for a breakdown of the exact tests we offer here at Function Well.

What to expect when you come to your first naturopathic consultation

A full check up involving an instant blood test on the day to assess your current health status. We also check your blood pressure, blood glucose as part of the overall health assessment. It is adviseable to bring any recent pathology tests along to your first consultation. At the end of the first session it will be determined if further investigations are necessary and you will be given a treatment protocol according to your personal needs.



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