I Will Series

I Will Series

Begins july 15th 2022
function well boutique


Join Alice in a holistic four week program combining the benefits of Yin and Yang through elements of physical activity, flow and stretch, mindfulness and intention setting. 

Allow Alice to teach you connection and accountability, learning how to establish clear intentions to foster an environment of discipline and achievement across many areas of life. Emma Lewis, founder of ItsInHerPlanner, will guide you through a series of tools and strategies to take action and become more self empowered on your journey. 

Hosted by Alice Clearwater from I Will Movement. 


Week 1: Physical

The physical body.

Week 2: Emotional

How we think and feel.

Week 3: Relationship

Connection with others.

Week 4: Integration

Reflection and connection.


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Full Moon Yin Yoga & Sound

Full Moon Yin Yoga & Sound

july 14TH 2022
6:00pM – 7:00PM
function well BOUTIQUE


We invite all members to harness the full power of this special time within the lunar cycle.

Lie down, relax and immerse yourself into the sounds of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, the medicine drum, gong, Native American flute, Kalimba, steel tongue drum, and a variety of percussion instruments… taking you on an internal journey.

Hosted by Stacey and special guest Nienke; a professional Art & Sound Therapist and singer-songwriter. Together they will guide you through a yin yoga and meditation evening accompanied by sound healing


Don’t miss out on this soul-stirring event. Let the full moon illuminate you, providing a time of clarity and opportunity to channel our energy in the direction that best serves you.


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From Wim Hof to Guided Meditation with Sarah Louise, The Big 3 Strength System and visits from Naturopath Hannah we cover all of our 4 pillars of health with events running throughout the year.