Corporate health

Do you want a Happier, Healthier more Productive Team?

The productivity of any organisation is linked to the health of its employees.

  • Healthy employees are nearly 3 times more productive than employees with poor health
  • Employees with poor health take up to 9 times more sick leave than their healthy colleagues
  • Poor employee health and absenteeism is costing Australian business $7billion annually
Source: Medibank Private, The Health of Australia’s Workforce, November 2005

With today’s competitive job market, recruiting & retaining staff long term is becoming increasingly challenging. By implementing a specific & measurable corporate health program, your organization will become an employer of choice.

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By implementing a corporate health program you achieve:

✔ A return on investment

✔ Improved productivity

✔ Reduced staff turnover

✔ Reduced absenteeism/presenteeism

✔ Increased team morale

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