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The key to achieving results is accountability and making fitness a game.

The number one thing I recommend is investing in a coach, find yourself a good one and I whole heartedly believe it is one of the best investments you will ever make in your life. When you are healthy and fit it has a ripple effect to improve every other aspect of your life.

One of the reasons having a coach is the best way to achieve results is the accountability factor. If you don’t have a coach or even if you do, you can maximize your accountability with MYZONE.

What is MYZONE?

MYZONE is the only accurate monitoring device that wirelessly streams real time data and uploads exercise data stored to a member’s physical activity belt. It measures calories, heart rate and effort using MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs), designed to reward effort rather than fitness. Most importantly MYZONE is specifically designed to maximize the potential of each person at their current level.

The fundamental benefit of MYZONE is motivation, to keep you motivated to stay in a consistent training routine, the way this is done is by tracking your effort through exercise and providing measureable feedback.

The unique feature of MYZONE is exercise can be conducted anywhere in the world and will be recorded to your belt,  the information then gets uploaded to your account.



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