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Your Cells Tell the Story

You eat right, exercise regularly but you don’t feel the vitality you should? Or you know you are not healthy and want to know the best place to start and take out all the guess work. Analysing your blood could be just what you are after, your blood tells the story of what’s happening with your health – your cells don’t lie.

Our Naturopaths, will analyse your blood under the microscope and then display your cells on the monitor explaining what the appearance of your cells represents to your health. Your red blood cells should be round, plump, even in size and sitting by themselves, however it rarely happens this way. Often when the cells aren’t receiving or up taking the nutrients required they will look like a flat tyre and that’s how you will be functioning on a day-to-day basis – you won’t be performing at your peak. A cell that looks like a flat tyre is a dehydrated cell, it’s flat because nutrients can’t get in. When your red blood cells are different sizes this usually represents a deficiency, commonly B vitamins or iron which is associated with feeling tired. The naturopath will then look at your white blood cells to establish things like infection and allergens and pinpoint issues such as food intolerances and oxidative stress.

The analysis will provide you with:

  • Your nutritional status (iron, B12, Folate, antioxidant status, fatty acid deficiency)
  • oxidative stress exposure
  • Prevention of chronic illness
  • Prevention of cardiovascular disease
  • Detection of immune imbalances and identification of digestive imbalances
  • Lymphatic congestion, uric acid builds up


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