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Tips To Prevent Injuries And Progress With Training



1.  Trigger Point, Warm Up and Mobilise Before Training. 

Trigger pointing is a great way to loosen and release tight muscle groups. This will help to achieve a wider range of movement while training. A better ROM while completing your training program will mean you are activating more muscle fibers, burning more calories and stimulating your body to grow and improve.

Warming up is a case of dynamically moving through the different patterns related to your program for that day. Doing so will ensure you have blood flow and warm muscles ready to use. Mobility drills will help you gain extra range in demanding positions you will be putting your body in during training.

2.  Follow a Balanced Structured Program.

Structuring your weekly training program around your goals is a must and your weights program needs to include remedial and supplementary exercises to keep you injury free.  For example if you have a goal of a heavy deadlift, doing additional posterior chain work like the GHR (Glute Hamstring Raise) will help to strengthen a lot of the muscles that are involved in that particular movement and testing your single leg Hamstring strength will ensure both sides can evenly contribute to lifting the weight. Constructing your program with these things in mind will ensure you can reach your goal injury free.

3.  Be Patient.

Listen to your body and increase your weights gradually, working within the percentages programmed for you will ensure you keep moving forward. Training to failure too often teaches your body bad patterning and can stop you from achieving in later sets in the work out. This will ultimately be counterproductive to your end goal.

4. Balance.

Your body needs a balance of Yin and Yang to recover and repair from your training stimulus.  A deep restful sleep at night, healthy food to fuel your body and lowering mental stress are all required to achieve a sustainable balanced fitness.  High levels of stress will increase your inflammation, disrupt your CNS and turn off fat burning. Incorporating activities like Yoga, stretching and meditation is important to unwind and these are all available in the Function Well Restoration Zone.



5.  Be a Perfectionist With Your Form.

Your first rep should be as good as your last, if you are struggling with a movement and keep pushing through without good form you are teaching your body poor movement patterns that can eventuate in injury over time.


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